Purchase Orders

Purchase orders manage the purchasing and receiving of new products in the point of sale. A purchase order is required when adding product to record the cost of good sold and financial value of on-hand inventory.

Creating a Purchase Order

The Create button opens a new purchase order. 

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The overview section of the purchase order is where the status of the purchase order is updated, the vendor name is added and location for which the purchase or is for is configured. An order date can also be set here.

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Purchase Order Statuses

An open purchase order can be saved and edited later. Products and order quantities can be added and edited to be ordered later.

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An ordered purchase order adds the selected products to the the Qty on Order total and updates the product status on the POS Inventory At/ Below Reorder Point report to on order. 

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The receive status is used to record the quantity of orders received. The quantity received cannot be more than the quantity ordered. The final cost per quantity ordered can also be adjusted while in this status.

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The status of a purchase order can be changed freely between Open, Ordered and Received by selecting the desired status from the dropdown menu and saving the changes.



Finishing a purchase order adds the received quantities of ordered product to the inventory of the selected location. The purchase order cannot be edited or fished status undone once updated to finished.

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Filter Existing Purchase Orders

Existing purchase orders can be filtered by location, vendor and status or searched for by location, vendor or purchase order number.

Edit Existing Purchase Order

A purchase order can be edited by clicking the checkbox next to a purchase order and clicking the Edit button. Clicking in the row of a purchase order in the list also opens the purchase order for editing.

Adding Products

Add products to a purchase order by clicking the + Add Products button. The Add Products modal slides into view and a list of products available to that location is displayed. Products can be searched via the search field or filtered by category.

To add a product to the purchase order, click the products corresponding + Add button.

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After a product has been added to a purchase order it is displayed under the products section of the purchase order where the order quantity and cost per unit can be adjusted.

Negative Inventory

Negative inventory totals in point of sale are possible. When receiving new inventory for an item with negative quantity, the option to replenish negative inventory or ignore is displayed. Choosing to replenish the negative Inventory will update the cost of goods sold for the negative quantity of that item that is being replenished.