Troubleshooting: How to assign utility charge to correct Recurring /Split Invoices?

Learn how to make sure you are attaching a utility charge to the correct recurring billing invoice.

For parks utilizing recurring billing for extended stay reservations, ensuring that utility charges are correctly posted to the appropriate invoice is essential.

When you're in the process of Adding a New Meter Reading (learn more about that process
here) to an invoice, you might encounter a scenario where you have up to three invoices to choose from, particularly when using recurring billing for a single reservation (as illustrated below):

3 Recurring Billing Invoices for Metered Billing

In this example, let's say you want to post a New Reading to one of your sites, and the reservation for that site spans over four months. The system generates three options based on the date of the reading for you to select from when adding the charge to the invoice.

In this specific example, if your intention is to post utility charges from the month of August, with payment due on the September invoice, you would select the third invoice option above.

This streamlined process ensures that your utility charges align with the billing period, making billing for extended stays a breeze.