How To: Add an Unclaimed Site to a Group Hold

Learn how to add sites to a Group Hold to be claimed by a guest at a later date.

Navigate to the Group Hold

From the Reservation List, click on the dark grey arrow on the middle right side of the screen to open up the Filter by box

Find Group Reservation Name

Type the Group name into the field

Click Search button or press enter on your keyboard

From the search results, click on the Group Name found under the Group Column

Add Group Site to Hold

Add Site to Group Reservation

From the Group Summary, click on the action button Edit

On the Edit Reservation Screen, click on Add New Site

Update any applicable fields in the Add New Site to Reservation tab on the right

Select Campsite Type

The Dates of the other Group Holds will already be filled out, you can update these if this new site differs from other Group sites within the hold.

At least 1 adult must be applied to the site to enable search results.

Click Add to select the desired site from the Select Site to Add Grid

Click Submit to confirm

Add Group Site to Hold Pt 2

Q: I am attempting to add a site to a Group, but there is no option to Edit the reservation?

There are parameters behind a Group Hold to manage when a site must be claimed by a Group guest. If the time for the Group Hold has passed, an additional unclaimed or held site cannot be added to the Group Hold as it is now a Group Reservation.

To attach a reservation to a Group Reservation, click here to follow those steps.