How Grid Optimization Works

Below, learn more about Grid Optimization, how it works and how it can increase your park's revenue.

How Grid Optimization Works 

Grid Optimization moves reservations to new sites on your grid when the system finds a way to make less gaps. The optimization of your grid increases revenue potential.

Sites will not be optimized within 3 days of a reservation check in as there is a minimum of 72 hours prior to reservation start date required for optimization to take place.

The following list is what is considered when a reservation is optimizing: 

  1. Reservations will only be moved to other sites within the same Site Type. 
  2. RV Length or Site Length - optimization will not move a reservation from a site that has a shorter site length or shorter maximum RV length than the original site.

    Example: If the reservation is on a site that is 50 feet, it may be moved to a site that is 55 feet, but not one that is 45 feet.

  3. Amenities - optimization takes into consideration the amenities that are listed for a specific site.

    Example: If a reservation is on a site that has a fire pit, it would only continue to move the reservations to other sites with fire pits.

  4. RV Slideouts - optimization will not move a reservation from a site that allows slide outs to a site that does not, regardless of RV profile.

  5. Grid optimization doesn't take into account the RV profile on the reservation, but using the precedent set forward in #1, it would not move a reservation to a site it couldn't fit on.

Grid Optimization's Effect On Revenue

On a per-site basis the average campground using Grid Optimization earns $80 annually per site from optimization. For example, a park with 200 sites could expect to earn $80 * 200 = $16,000 annually from this feature. When the feature is enabled, no further work is required from your park. 

What an Optimized Reservation Looks Like

A reservation that has been optimized will show this taking place on the Reservation Summary in the Reservation History section. This action will always be listed as being done by System. The image below shows an example of this. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 16.38.56

How to set up a Grid Optimization rule 

Grid Optimization is automatically active unless you set up a rule deactivate it. This article walks through that process.