Grid Optimization: How to Turn it Off

Learn how to select specific Site Types to disable from Grid Optimization

New to Grid Optimization?

Read this FAQ article first to clearly understand Campspot's Grid Optimization feature.

Do you have a Site Type(s) that you would like to be exempt from Campspot's Grid Optimization feature? Would you like to opt out of Grid Optimization?

Disable Grid Optimization

Using the primary navigation button in the Campspot Admin Site, navigate to Rules > Functions > Grid Optimization.

1. Click on New Variation to open a new form

2. Complete the form by filling out the following:

Variation Name Use the name to clearly identify the rule for future reference. This field is not customer facing.
Site Types / Add-on Types

Select the site type(s) or an add-on type(s) to be opted out of optimization.

A Site Type and Add-on cannot be included within the same rule. Create separate rules for both.

For more information refer to the article below:

Grid Optimization FAQ