Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing rules change the base rate of a site type based on occupancy levels and time of booking.

Adding a New Variation

A variation is a rule. Clicking the New Variation button opens a blank dynamic rule form.

New Variation

Dynamic Rule Form

Rule Name

The rule name is used to identify the rule in the dynamic pricing rules list after saving. This field is not customer facing.

Active Dates

The activate dates represent the stay dates the rate change of the rule will affect. At least one date group is required. Click in the active dates field and choose an active date group from the list to add a date group.

Site Types/ Add-on Types

A site type or an add-on type must be selected but cannot include both within the same rule. Click in the site type or add-on type field and select an active type from the list to add to the rule.

Expiration Date

Reservations must be created by the end of the day indicated by the expiration date for the rule to apply.

Rate Change

Select whether the rate will be an increase (+) or decrease (-) and by a percentage (%) or a dollar amount ($) change from the base rate.

If occupancy is _ to _ %

Choose an occupancy percentage range for the rate change to apply. The rate change will be applied for every reservation made while the occupancy rate is within the configured range.

as calculated among site types:

The occupancy rate used by the rule can be configured to be calculated among a customizable set of site types. It's most common that the same site type(s) applied in the site type section are applied here.

and is booked _ to _ days prior to arrival.

Choose a booking range for the rule to apply. The rule will apply to all reservations made within the configured range.