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Campspot Marketplace: Introduction

Learn how Campspot's OTA, Marketplace, gives you the competitive advantage in campground management.


Explore how Campspot Marketplace can elevate your campground's reach and revenue. This article provides insights into its purpose and answers common questions to help you harness its benefits effectively.

Unlocking Success with Campspot Marketplace: Elevate Your Campground's Reach and Revenue

The Campspot Marketplace is a the largest private-camping-specific OTA in the industry offering campgrounds exposure and reach to connect with property-agnostic consumers in their campground search and booking process. 

The best part? As a Campspot partner, your park is listed on the Marketplace with no setup required and, unlike most OTAs, no setup fees.

The only cost to you is the existing 10% commission rate.

Empowering Campgrounds: A Tailored Solution

At the heart of Campspot Marketplace lies a mission to empower campground owners, enabling them to enhance exposure, drive occupancy, and seamlessly engage with consumers throughout their campground exploration and booking odyssey.

Benefits for Campspot Users:

  • Expanded Exposure: Partnering with Campspot Marketplace opens your campground to a vast pool of potential patrons, with 78% of bookings stemming from first-time campground guests.
  • Retention Magic: Campers acquired through Campspot Marketplace display remarkable loyalty, booking with your campground an average of three more times.
  • Revenue Amplification: Campspot-listed campgrounds boast an average increase of 5% in revenue compared to counterparts off the platform.
  • Scaling Opportunities: Experience a significant uptick in occupancy, propelling your business to new heights.

The Campspot Promise: Your Partner in Success

At Campspot, success isn't just a goal; it's a commitment. Here's how we stand apart:

  • Keyword Integrity: Your campground's identity remains pristine and unchallenged.
  • Data Ownership: All customer data from Marketplace reservations is rightfully yours.
  • Integration Excellence: With seamless integration, Campspot ensures a flawless booking experience, every time.
  • Freedom to Flourish: Empowerment with the tools to flourish on your terms.

Elevating Your Marketing Arsenal

Campspot Marketplace isn't just a platform; it's your ultimate marketing ally, offering:

  • High-Value Promotions: Witness a surge in reservations with seasonal campaigns like our Biggest Booking Week, experiencing a staggering 50% week-over-week growth.
  • Seamless Integration: Embrace real-time integration with Campspot software, bidding adieu to manual updates.
  • National PR and Media Blitz: Benefit from exposure in top-tier outlets like the Today Show, Travel & Leisure, and CBS, propelling your park into the spotlight.

In the tapestry of campground management, Campspot Marketplace emerges as a vibrant thread, weaving together exposure, revenue, and growth. Embrace the future of campground management and unlock boundless possibilities with Campspot Marketplace - where success is not just a destination; it's a journey, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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