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How To: Manage and Update your Marketplace Listing

Learn more about Campspot's Marketplace including how to manage and update your listing.


Discover how Campspot streamlines the process of creating your Marketplace listing, seamlessly integrating the information you provide during onboarding. Your Admin site serves as your control center for managing and optimizing your listing, allowing you to showcase your campground's best features effectively.


  • Manage Your Listing: Your Admin Site provides tools to update unit pricing, park policies, address, events, and package pricing deals.
  • Campspot's Role: Campspot manages the photo array, about section, park features, policies, nearby activities, and location on the driving map.

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Campspot Marketplace

When you first join Campspot, the information you provide during onboarding automatically becomes part of your listing setup on Marketplace. Unlike other OTAs, there's no need for additional steps to create your listing.

Your Admin site serves as your central hub, offering all the tools necessary to effectively manage your listing on Marketplace. Let's dive into how you can leverage these tools to showcase your campground's best features and attract guests seamlessly.

Your Marketplace Listing: A Showcase of Your Campground

Your listing on the Marketplace serves as a virtual brochure, showcasing the best features and offerings of your campground to potential guests. Here's what it includes:

  • Photos: Highlights amenities, views, popular activities, and Site Type examples.
  • About Section: Gives guests insight beyond the images selected.
  • Park Features: Showcases activities, rentals, campground info, and more.
  • Reservation Section: Similar to your Consumer Site, allowing guests to select dates, check availability, and make reservations.
  • Additional Information: Includes your park's address, policies, Campspot policies, nearby activities, upcoming events, current package pricing deals, and a map pinpointing your park's location.

Click here to learn more about the different parts of a Marketplace listing along with valuable tips and tricks to optimize this opportunity for showcasing your property:

Updating Your Marketplace Listing

Updating your Marketplace listing involves a collaborative effort between your park and Campspot. While you have control over certain information through your Admin Site, Campspot manages other aspects behind the scenes. Let's explore the process further and discover which items you can update yourself and which ones Campspot handles on your behalf.

Updating Your Marketplace Listing with Your Admin Site

Your Admin Site serves as your go-to platform for managing various aspects of your Marketplace listing. Here are the features you can update in your Admin Site:

  • Unit Pricing
  • Park Policies (Cancellation, Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Check In / Check Out Times)
  • Park Physical Address
  • Park Events
  • Package Pricing Deals

Campspot's Backend Management

While you have control over certain aspects of your Marketplace listing, Campspot handles the following items on the backend for you:

  • Photo array (provided by the park, uploaded by Campspot)
  • About section
  • Park Features
  • Campspot Policies
  • Nearby Activities
  • Location on driving Map (based on your park's coordinates)

To update the items Campspot updates on the backend, click here to submit a request: