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Campground Setup

Explore the Campground Setup page to learn how you can tailor and manage your campground operations efficiently.


The Campground Setup section in Campspot offers a range of tools to streamline and customize your campground operations. Dive into subsections like Accounting, Properties, Unit Setup, and Integrations to manage financial accounts, define park details, set up site types, and integrate with other systems. Explore each subsection to tailor your campground experience and access resources for efficient management.

Camp Setup

Explore the resource below to dive deeper into each subsection:

  1. Accounting
  2. Properties
  3. Unit Setup
  4. Integrations


The Accounting section in Campground Setup allows customization of financial accounts and miscellaneous charges. Financial Accounts facilitate organized financial reporting by organizing assets, liabilities, and revenue, while Miscellaneous Charges offer flexibility in manually applying additional fees to reservations.


The Properties tab offers a comprehensive toolkit for park operators to tailor and manage campground operations efficiently. Dive into subsections to customize various aspects, from defining park details to managing payment methods, messaging, policies, and more. Explore the subsections to...:

  1. General: Manage park details and communication preferences efficiently.
  2. Payment Methods: Offers categorized options for transaction processing, allowing customization, activation/deactivation, along with seamless POS charge processing.
  3. MessagingCustomize messages for each reservation stage, enhancing guest experiences and streamlining operations.
  4. PoliciesCustomize the communication of park rules, including Terms & Conditions, Cancellation, Refund, and Covid-19 policies.
  5. Forms ListEnsure your Admin Site efficiency by managing lists and drop-downs, defining everything from amenities to tracking cancellation reasons.
  6. Base Pricing: Empowers you to efficiently manage nightly rates for Site Types and Daily Add-On Types, aligning with your park's revenue strategy.

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Unit Setup

The Unit Setup page in Campspot allows efficient management of Site Types and Daily Add-Ons, offering customization options and resources to support campground operations. Explore site categorization, manage Site Types and individual sites, and configure Daily Add-On Types to enhance guest experiences and increase revenue.


If your park is using one of Campspot's Integrations, you will see this additional setup page in Campground Setup. On this page you will be able to manage some of the settings required for the integrations you have in place. 

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