Facility Management

Wild Energy Meter Reading Integration: FAQ

Gain insights into the most commonly asked questions about Campspot's integration with Wild Energy for automated Meter Reading.


Explore essential information about the Wild Energy Integration for Campspot. From utility meter compatibility to personalized alerts and user benefits, this FAQ provides concise insights for a seamless understanding of this powerful feature.

Commonly Asked FAQ:

Q: Are there any costs to use this integration?

Campspot fees:

Campspot charges a $10 per month per park fee to access select integrations. If you are already taking advantage of another integration for your park, there will be no added setup costs.

Wild Energy Fees:

Any fees associated to the cost of the integration are discussed with the partner directly.

Q: Does this integration work with all utility meters?

The Wild Energy integration does require the use of Wild Energy meters. View more details on:

Q: What data does the integration provide?

Gain insights in your Owner Portal into real-time energy consumption, historical trends, and actionable recommendations for optimization.

Q: Can I customize energy consumption alerts?

Yes, the integration allows you to set personalized alerts based on your specific energy management goals. These will be set up as part of your Owner Portal.

Q: Is training required for using this feature?

While Wild Energy provides setup instructions, our guide will walk you through the Campspot-specific aspects of the integration for a seamless experience.

Q: What benefits does this integration bring to Campspot users?

Campspot users can now efficiently monitor and manage energy consumption, leading to cost savings and a greener operational footprint.

Q: I completed the steps to configure the integration, but my meters are showing as Inactive status. What should I do?

The status will update when a reading is recorded. The meter is inactive because readings have not yet been recorded since we just set up the integration. To resolve this, you can either perform a Manual Pull to record a reading or wait for the automated scheduled task to run. If the meter continues to show as Inactive or Stale, please contact Wild Energy for assistance in troubleshooting your meter connection.

Q: What happens if the Check Out Date changes?

Let's say a long-term guest has informed the Front Desk that their departure date has changed. Below are a few best practices to consider:

  1. If the reservation is changed prior to the new Check Out date (future date), Wild Energy will pull a reading based on the new departure date.
  2. If the reservation is changed after the new Check Out date (new check out date is in the past), you will need to complete a manual reading.