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Wild Energy Meter Reading Integration: Setup Guide

Take your meter reading to the next level with this integration between Wild Energy and Campspot.


Dive into the Wild Energy Wireless Meter Reading Integration Setup Guide, a resource simplifying the seamless integration of Wild Energy with Campspot. This powerful feature optimizes energy management, providing insights into efficient consumption patterns for cost savings and environmental impact reduction. This integration will enable you to take control of your energy usage, make informed decisions, and enhance the sustainability and efficiency of your operations.

Wild Energy


  • Effortless Energy Monitoring: Gain real-time insights into energy consumption patterns, enabling proactive decision-making including Electric and Water metering.
  • Cost Savings: Identify and rectify inefficiencies, leading to optimized energy usage and reduced operational costs.
  • Environmental Impact: Contribute to sustainability by aligning energy consumption with eco-friendly practices.
  • Streamlined Operations: Enhance overall efficiency by incorporating precise energy data into your decision-making processes.
  • Convenience at your fingertips: Read meters from anywhere through Campspot.

This guide walks you through the seamless process of integrating Campspot with Wild Energy, streamlining your operations for a more efficient and connected experience.

Integration Requirement

To begin the implementation process of this integration, you must have Wild Energy Meters. View more details on Electric Meters and Water Meters.

If you already have these or are interested in investing in their products, continue to Step 1 below.

Integration Instructions:

Step 1: Sign up with Wild Energy

Property Code

During your setup with Wild Energy, you will be provided a Property Code. Take note of this code as we will need it in the next steps.

Step 2: Complete Campspot's Integration Form

Once received, the Campspot team will activate the integration in your park's Admin Site enabling you to complete the rest of setup below.

Step 3: Verify User Permission in your Campspot Admin Site

Before initiating the integration setup, ensure the user(s) completing setup in Campspot has the necessary permissions to view and edit integrations. Follow these steps in Campspot:

  1. Navigate to User Management.
  2. Click on Roles in the top right corner.
  3. Find and click on the User Role assigned to the User requiring access to Integrations.
  4. Click on Customize permissions under Campground Setup.
  5. Verify the View and Edit Integrations permission is checked.
  6. Click Save Changes if changes were made.

Step 4: Verify Check In and Check Out Times

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup.
  2. Click on the Check In / Out tab.
  3. Verify your Check In and Check Out 

Want to learn more?

Click here to learn more about the Check In/Out page.

CheckIn  CheckOut Settings

Step 5: Set Up the Integration in your Admin Site

Follow the steps below to adjust the necessary settings in your Admin Site:

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup.
  2. Click on the Integrations tab.
  3. Locate the Wild Energy integration.
  4. Enter Property Code.

Wild Energy Int Hub Page

Step 6: Add New or Modify Utility Type(s)

Depending if you are already taking advantage of Campspot's Utility Metering feature, you will either add a New Utility Type or update your existing setup.

New Utility Metering

For those that are setting up Utility Metering in Campspot for the first time, you will follow the instructions below to add a New Utility Type to your Admin Site.

  1. From the Utility Metering page, select the Utility Types tab
  2. Click Add Utility Type
  3. Add a Utility Type for Wild Energy

Please Note:

After setting up your new Utility Type, you should also complete an initial meter reading for your new Wild Energy integration. This can be done after completing the steps below, but should be done prior to considering the integration successful.

Click here to learn more:

Learn more! For more for details on adding a New Utility Type check out this article:

Wild Energy Utility Metering Page

Existing Utility Metering

If you have previously set up Utility Types in Campspot, prior to this integration, you will want to update your existing setup.

For each Utility Type you are integrating with Wild Energy, you will update the form by:
  1. From the Utility Metering page, select the Utility Types tab
  2. Click on the Utility Name
  3. Update the Edit Utility form. Click for details on this form here.

Step 7: Verify Utility Taxes and Fees

  1. From the Utility Metering page, verify your existing setup.
  2. To learn more about each, including how to set them up, click below:
    1. Utility Taxes
    2. Utility Fees

Step 8: Map Wild Energy Meters to Campspot Site Meters

  1. Navigate to the Utility Meters tab.
  2. Click the Edit button at the top of the list.
  3. Select the corresponding Wild Energy Meter from the dropdown available on each metered site.
    1. These were set up during your onboarding with Wild Energy.

08 Map Wild Energy Meter

Step 9: Success! Start Applying Reading to Reservation Invoices

Once readings are due, you will follow the existing process of applying meter reading charges to invoices. Find more details on this process here.

Special Note: Meter Status in Integration Setup

After completing the steps to configure the integration, you might notice that your meters are showing an Inactive status. This is a normal part of the setup process and occurs because readings have not yet been recorded.

The status of the meter will automatically update when the system completes the first scheduled reading.

If the meter continues to show as Inactive or Stale after these steps, please contact Wild Energy for assistance in troubleshooting your meter connection.

Need Additional Support?

Campspot Meter Reading

To learn more about Campspot's Meter Reading functionality and features, click here to view additional content.

Campspot Setup Support

If you need assistance in setting up your Wild Energy integration in Campspot, shoot us an email here: customersuccess@campspot.com

Wild Energy Technical Support

For additional assistance on Wild Energy:

Most Common FAQ:

Q: Will this work for both long-term and short-term guests given the auto-pull feature?

Yes! If a site is available for both long-term and short-term reservations this setup uses a few different parameters to prompt a meter reading:

  1. Auto Pull Frequency/ Auto Pull Schedule - this setting will define how often or at what frequency to automatically pull the reading.
  2. Check In / Check Out - this setting will prompt the system to pull a reading based on the check in and check out dates of the reservation.

For example, if you have a guest checking in to a site tomorrow, checking out in a few days and another guest checking in right after the previous guest for 6 months, these parameters will ensure the readings are pulled correctly for both types of reservations.

Q: Can I still manually adjust the readings?

To ensure system accuracy, the only part of the reading pulled is the charge for the reading. The actual charge is not able to be adjusted.

Q: I completed the steps to configure the integration, but my meters are showing as Inactive status. What should I do?

The status will update when a reading is recorded. The meter is inactive because readings have not yet been recorded since we just set up the integration. To resolve this, you can either perform a Manual Pull to record a reading or wait for the automated scheduled task to run. If the meter continues to show as Inactive or Stale, please contact Wild Energy for assistance in troubleshooting your meter connection.