Social Media

Learn more about linking your Social Media accounts to your Consumer Site.

Social Media

The Social Media page is part of the Consumer Site Admin section of Campsot and can be accessed by clicking on ‘Social Media’ in the main navigation bar.

This page allows you to add custom social media links to your consumer site.

Campspot allows you to enter four different types of social media links to your consumer site:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook / Meta
  • Pinterest

On the Social Media page you will notice input boxes for each of these three social media companies.

For each link that you add, the associated social media icon will be displayed on your consumer site and will act as a link to the custom address that you pasted.

For example, if your campground has its own Facebook page, you can copy the address for that page and paste it into the ‘Facebook Link’ text input box.

When users visit your consumer site, they will see the Facebook icon. If they click on the Facebook icon, they will be directed to your campground’s Facebook page.