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Reservation Summary - Billing Tab

The billing tab of the reservation is where payments and refunds are processed and details like reservation charges, payments and promos or discounts can are displayed.

Navigating the Reservation Summary

The reservation summary is organized into two tabs; reservation and billing. Each tab provides different information and there are different actions that can be taken while on either tab. The reservation tab is visible when Reservation is highlighted and the billing tab is visible when the Billing is highlighted.

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The Billing tab is also accessed from the reservation summary by clicking on the reservation total and balance box.

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Billing Tab Actions

At the top of the Reservation Summary are buttons that initiate actions on the reservation. 

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The Email button sends the reservation confirmation email to the guest.


The Link button opens the guest's reservation summary page in a new browser tab. This page is what the guest receives in their reservation confirmation email. The page summarizes the reservation details and invoice charges.


The Pay button is used to make payment on the invoice. When clicked, the payment workflow is pulled up.


The Refund button is used to refund a guest for payments made. When clicked, the refund workflow is pulled up.

Billing Summary

The body of the Billing tab contains a Billing Summary sub-section that displays the invoice number, created date, reservation total, and outstanding balance.

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Outstanding Balance

To the right of the outstanding balance amount is a balance indicator color. The color of this block is purple if the balance is negative, green if the balance is zero, and red if the balance is positive.

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Billing Tab Sub-Sections

Below the Billing tab are sub-sections that provide information about the reservation. 

Promo Codes and Discounts

The Promo Codes sub-section accepts valid promo codes configured in the Package / Discounted/ Promo Code Pricing rules to apply a rate change. The promo code must be typed out and is case sensitive. The Discounts section allows percentage based discounts to be added to a reservation from a pre-configured dropdown list. Discounts are configured in the Discounts rules section. It is possible to have both a promo code and a discount applied to a single invoice. The Discount rule will always apply after the Promo Code regardless of the order they are applied to the invoice.

Only one promo code can be applied per invoice and applies to all reservation items included on the invoice.

Billing Settings

The Billing Settings sub-section indicates the billing type of the invoice as either Single or Recurring. The billing type can be changed by clicking the Edit Billing Setting link in the sub-section header. All reservation invoices are defaulted as single invoices. An invoice can only be made into a recurring invoice after the reservation has been confirmed.

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Invoice Details

This section lists out all reservation items and itemizes the nightly rate, fees and taxes for each. A subtotal for each reservation item is provided. Reservation charges are grouped by nightly rate and a separate line item is added to the invoice details for each nightly rate.

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The Order Total section summarizes the subtotals for all the reservation item charges and provides an order total. Tax is exempted from the entire invoice when the Tax Exempt button is checked. All existing and future charges added to a tax exempt invoice will be exempted.

Nightly rates that are grouped can be expanded by clicking the small arrow next to the dates. This drops the individual nights in the range below the grouped dates. 

Each invoice line item charge has three green dots next to it that can be used edit an individual or grouped charge, or void an individual charge.

Selecting to edit a grouped charge will allow you to edit either the individual nightly rate, or the total charged. Editing a single nightly charge will edit the charge for that night. The name of the charge can also be edited.

Selecting to void an individual charge will remove the charge from the invoice, and show the item on the invoice grayed and crossed out.


The Payments sub-section lists all payments and refunds applied to the invoice. Each transaction will include the date, method and amount. A negative payment amount indicates a refund.

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Invoice History

The Invoice History sub-section lists changes made to the invoice like payments, refunds, promo code/ discounts and edits made to invoice charges. Each entry includes a time stamp, the user that made the change, a description of the change, the change amount and what the outstanding balance was as a result of the change.

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