Point of Sale Accounting

The accounting sub-section is where the financial account mappings are set for the POS system accounts, locations and categories.

System Accounts

System accounts in point of sale map revenue, cost of goods sold, inventory and write-off cost of goods sold to specific accounts for unmapped point of sale categories. When all categories are mapped to custom accounts, the system accounts are not used.

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Category Accounts

The point of sale category financial accounts are listed below the system accounts section and are organized by location. Clicking on the the location name expands and collapses each section.

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A category has four financial accounts:


Only revenue or liability account types can be mapped to this account.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Only the cost of good sold account type can be mapped here.


Only the asset account type can be mapped here.

Write Off 

Only the cost of goods sold account type can be mapped here.

Changing a Financial Account

Clicking the account field reveals a dropdown menu of all the active financial accounts eligible to be mapped there.

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Select the desired account from the list and then click the Save button.

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