PCI Compliance Guide

The SAQ A-EP is required if you use online booking and process card-present transactions.


Ensuring PCI compliance is not only a necessity for protecting your park and guests but also a smart financial move, as it helps eliminate monthly non-compliance fees charged by Clover/CardConnect. Campspot recognizes the significance of PCI compliance in the context of online bookings and card-present transactions. Our commitment to your success extends to providing comprehensive resources. Explore the information and resources provided in this article to support your path to PCI compliance practices.

Why become PCI Compliant?

Protect your park and your guests while saving money! Becoming PCI compliant will help alleviate monthly non-compliance fees that will be charged by Clover/CardConnect.

As you offer online bookings and process card-present transactions, you will want to make sure you are following PCI compliance guidelines to not pay those monthly fees.

How to Check PCI Compliance Best Practices

To determine your current PCI compliance practices, use the CardPointe PCI Manager platform. Login or register for an account and complete the self-assessment questionnaire. This survey will reveal your existing PCI compliance practices and offer insights into areas for improvement or additional best practices.

Resources for PCI Compliance:

PCI Compliance Portal Guide

  • Use this guide to help you get started with the self assessment questionnaire for your business if you use online booking and process card-present transactions.
  • For further assistance or clarification, contact SecureTrust at:



Clover PCI Concierge Program

Some benefits of using the PCI Concierge Program include:

  • Dedicated Support to achieve and maintain PCI compliance
  • Alleviate the non-compliance fees charged by Clover

To learn more about Clover's PCI Concierge, click HERE.

Additional Resources

  • [WATCH] Understanding PCI compliance webinar
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