PCI Compliance Guide

The SAQ A-EP is required if you use online booking and process card-present transactions.

Q: Why become PCI Compliant?

Protect your park and your guests while saving money! Becoming PCI compliant will help alleviate monthly non-compliance fees that will be charged by Clover/CardConnect.

As you offer online bookings and process card-present transactions, you will want to make sure you are following PCI compliance guidelines to not pay those monthly fees.

Q: How do I know if I am currently using PCI compliance best practices?

Here is a link to login or register for an account with CardPointe PCI Manager. Once logged in, you will have access to a self assessment questionnaire. Taking this survey will result in showing what PCI compliance practices you are already following and provide information on opportunities to improve or implement other best practices.

Q: What other Resources do I have available for becoming PCI complaint?

SAQ A-EP User Guide

Use this guide to help you get started with the self assessment questionnaire for your business if you use online booking and process card-present transactions.

Additional Questions

If you need further clarification about the SAQ or need additional help filling out your SAQ, please contact SecureTrust:

Phone: 877.257.0239

Website: pci.securetrust.com/cardconnect

To learn more about SAQ A-EP User guide, click HERE.

Clover PCI Concierge Program

Some benefits of using the PCI Concierge Program include:

  • Dedicated Support to achieve and maintain PCI compliance
  • Alleviate the non-compliance fees charged by Clover

To learn more about Clover's PCI Concierge, click HERE.

Additional Resources

  • [WATCH] Understanding PCI compliance webinar
  • [READ] Setting up Credit Card Terminals