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How To: Locate Your Park ID

Finding your unique Park ID can be done in a few easy steps as outlined below. You may need to provide this number to submit some requests to Campspot. If you are ever required to provide this, a Campspot team member will request it from you.

1. Login to the Admin Site 

Open a Google Chrome browser window and go to https://reservation.campspot.com/admin/login

Enter the email address associated with your user account in the Email field.

Enter the password created when resetting your password for the first time in the Password field. 

Click the Log In button.

Admin Login

2. Locate your Park ID number in the web address

When you first login and land on the Booking page, your Park ID number will be shown between the words booking/ and /reservations in the web address. In the image below, the Park ID is 602. 

Your Park ID number will always be displayed between the name of the page you're on and the page nested within that. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 17.38.08