How to Favorite Items on the POS Storefront

Learn how to add Favorite POS products to the top of the products list for quick access.

Below are the steps to set products as Favorite Items for your Storefront. The outcome of this process will enable your POS users to apply a new filter to the Product list, sorting the list with Favorite products at the top.

This is setup at the Storefront level, so all users using your park's Storefront POS will see the same favorited items.

1. Update User Permission to enable adding products to Favorited Items

Navigate to the User Management setup by clicking the primary navigation then User Management > Roles > Point of Sale to add the new permission Star and Unstar product items.

This setting will allow a user to add products to the Favorite List for all users of the Storefront. Best practice would be to add this feature to select users, maybe a Front Desk Manager, Supervisor, Store Manager, etc. to set these products for the users.

2. Add items to Favorites in the Storefront

Navigate to your Point of Sale Storefront. With the new user permission added, when you click the newly added Starred button, you will now see an option to Edit Favorited Items appear above the Product list in Storefront.

By clicking this button, you will be able to add a product by clicking the Star (making the star solid green) or take products off the list by clicking the Unstar (making the star clear with a green outline - this is the default for all products).

Once you have selected the items you would like to have quick access to, click the Save Favorited Items button (located in the same spot as the Edit Starred items button) to save your selections.

POS - Add New Items to Starred List

3. View the Favorite list

With your Favorite products selected, your POS Storefront users will now be able to use the Favorited slider button as a filter. By clicking the Starred button, the product list can now filter with your Favorite list of products at the top.

To organize all products together again, simply click off the Favorite slider button to filter all products together.