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How To: Add a Daily Add-on while booking a New Reservation

Learn how to add a Daily Add-on during the booking process.


This guide outlines the straightforward process of enhancing a new reservation with Daily Add-Ons, such as golf cart rentals, cabana rentals, linen rentals, and more. From exploring available options to seamlessly adding them to the shopping cart, this step-by-step tutorial ensures a smooth experience for users looking to include extra amenities in their bookings.


  • Customized Reservations: Users can personalize their reservations by easily incorporating Daily Add-Ons, tailoring the booking to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: The addition of Daily Add-Ons enriches the guest experience, offering supplementary services or amenities for a more enjoyable stay.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: For park owners, the feature provides an avenue to boost revenue by offering enticing add-ons, encouraging guests to enhance their reservations with extra services.



1. See Available Add-Ons from the Shopping Cart


2. Selecting an Available Add-On


3. Selecting Dates and Quantity


4. Adding to Cart


5. Options After Adding to Cart