Connect a Terminal to Campspot

1. Complete all the initial setup steps for your terminal.

  • Find set up steps for you terminal on our Terminals page.

The terminal will display Bolted if the initial setup was successful. The terminal must say Bolted before continuing to step 2.

2. Go to Point of Sale Admin

Go to Point of Sale

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 3.42.13 PM
Go to Admin

3. Add a Terminal

  • Give the terminal a name used to identify the terminal when taking a payment.
  • Enter the Device Serial # found on the screen of the device.


If paired successfully the terminal is now ready to be used in Campspot.

If the pairing was unsuccessful, repeat step 1 to ensure the device is Bolted. If the device is Bolted and will not pair with Campspot, contact Campspot Support.