Change Of Park Ownership Process

Learn the steps to be taken when you sell your campground while using Campspot.


When selling your park, follow these steps to smoothly inform and transition ownership.


Step 1: Complete the Change of Ownership Form: 

Once you have confirmed that you will sell your park, complete the Change of Ownership Form.

Note: We ask that the Change of Ownership Form is completed at least three weeks prior to the sale closing date.  This allows us to complete required onboarding with the new owners prior to the close of the sale in order reduce any delays. New owners will not be given access to Campspot prior to sale closing. 

Step 2: Wait for Communication from Campspot:

We will contact you to discuss the request in more detail, gathering any additional information. We will also take that time to reach out to the new owner as well.

The following will then be discussed and confirmed: 

  • Reporting: Recommended reports for your park to pull from Campspot before the sale.
  • Payment Credentials: Confirmation of dates that payment credentials through the card processor should be switched over to new owner 
  • Campspot Setup Updates: Necessary changes to logos, social media links, analytics, reply-to email addresses, phone numbers, policies, financial account mappings etc. 

Step 3: Confirmation of Last Access Date

The Campspot team will confirm for you what the last date of access to Campspot should be and your access will be turned off at that point.