Accounting Setup: What's on the page?

Explore the Accounting section to set up custom financial accounts and miscellaneous charges, supporting you in tailoring financial management to your park's needs.


The Accounting section contains the custom financial account setup and miscellaneous charge setup.

On the Accounting page of Campground Setup, you will find two very important features:

  1. Financial Accounts
  2. Miscellaneous Charges

Financial Accounts

Financial account mapping in Campspot is vital for organizing assets, liabilities, and revenue to ensure accurate financial reporting based on your park's requirements. The Financial Accounts list will show your parks Financial Accounts.

You can do the following on this page:

  • View all active and inactive financial accounts.

  • Identify accounts by account ID, name, and type.

  • Utilize default accounts or customize them to suit specific needs.

  • Add new financial accounts as required.

Miscellaneous Charges

Miscellaneous Charges offers flexibility to manually apply additional fees to reservations outside standard rules or base pricing. Some of the most common charges include Utility Deposits, Visitor Fees, Extra Vehicle Fees, Late Check-Out Fees, and Early Check-in Fees.

You can do the following on this page:

  • Customize fees beyond standard rules.

  • Efficiently manage deposits, especially for utilities.

  • Maintain flexible pricing.

  • Easily add and modify charges.

  • Use charges as manual deposits when needed.