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How To: Activate a CardPointe / Clover Connect Terminal

Learn the steps to activating your new CardPointe / Clover Connect Terminal in Campspot.


This step-by-step guide outlines the activation process for CardPointe / Clover Connect terminals in Campspot. From connecting power and internet to configuring terminal details, these instructions ensure a smooth integration for efficient payment processing.

Activating Terminal to Campspot:

If you've purchased a CardPointe / Clover Connect terminal for your Campspot operations, follow these simple steps to activate and integrate it seamlessly:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Connect Power and Internet

  1. Plug the terminal into power and connect it to the internet. Typically, you'll need to connect it directly to your router unless it's Wi-Fi enabled.

  2. After plugging in, the device will initiate an initialization process. Once completed, the screen should display "Connected."

Step 2: Add Terminal to Campspot

  1. Navigate to Point of Sale
  2. Click on the Admin tab
  3. Select Terminals
  4. Click on the green “Add Terminal” button.

Step 3: Terminal Configuration

  1. Enter a unique "Terminal Name" that will be visible in the dropdown menu during payment entry. This is crucial if you have multiple terminals.
  2. Find the "Device Serial #" on the back of the terminal (labeled as "SN" or "HSN").
  3. Click "Add Terminal," and it will now be available as a payment option.

Unique Terminal Setup Requirements

There are multiple terminals available through CardPointe / Clover Connect. Some devices may require slightly different steps than mentioned above. If you need additional support in setting up your CardPointe / Clover Connect device, click on your device below for that support:

Ingenico Lane3000

Ingenico Lane7000

Ingenico iSC Touch 250

Ingenico iSMP4

Most Common FAQ:

Q: How do I find the Device Serial # on my terminal?

The Device Serial # is typically located on the back of the terminal, labeled as "SN" or "HSN."

Q: Can I use multiple terminals with Campspot?

Yes, you can. Ensure each terminal has a unique "Terminal Name" for easy identification during payment entry.

Q: What if my CardPointe / Clover Connect device requires different setup steps?

Each device may have different requirements. The most common devices and their unique instructions can be found here.