How To: Activate a CardPointe / Clover Connect Terminal

Learn the steps to activating your new CardPointe / Clover Connect Terminal in Campspot.

If you have recently purchased a CardPointe / Clover Connect terminal, you need to activate it. Follow the steps below to begin using the terminal in Campspot.

  1. Connect your terminal to both power and internet. Most terminals will need to be plugged directly into your router unless the device is Wifi enabled.
  2. Once plugged in, the device will start an initialization process and should display “Connected” on the screen once complete.
  3. Login to Campspot to complete the following:
    1. Navigate to Point of Sale > Admin > Terminals
    2. Click on the green “ADD TERMINAL” button.
      1. The “Terminal Name” is what your front desk will see in the dropdown menu while entering a payment. If you have more than one terminal, be sure to name it something unique so you know which to use for processing.
      2. The “Device Serial #” can be found on the back of the terminal, it may be labeled as “SN” or “HSN”.
    3. Click “Add Terminal” and it should now be available as a payment option.

There are multiple terminals available through CardPointe / Clover Connect. Some devices may require slightly different steps than mentioned above. If you need additional support in setting up your CardPointe / Clover Connect device, click on your device below for that support:

Ingenico Lane3000

Ingenico Lane5000

Ingenico iSC Touch 250

Ingenico iSMP4