Activating a Clover Terminal

Learn the steps to activating your new Clover Terminal in Campspot.

Parks located in Canada that have recently purchased a Clover terminal for their property should follow the below steps to begin using the terminal in Campspot. 

Note: Parks located in the USA are unable to use Clover Terminals. 

1.  Connect the terminal to your WiFi network.

2. Download and install the eConduit app.  This can be found in the Applications menu on the terminal.  The eConduit app enables the connection to your Campspot account and this app must be running for each transaction.

3. Contact Campspot Support and provide the HSN (Hardware Serial Number).  This number should start with a “C” and can be found on the terminal’s menu in Settings.  This number will allow us to register your terminal and pair it with your Campspot account.


To learn more about Clover terminals visit the Econduit Clover support page here