Utility Metering: Reporting

Learn which reports you can leverage for Utility Metering.


Discover the suite of reports available to optimize the utilization of Campspot's Utility Meter Reading feature. These reports offer comprehensive insights into utility usage, aiding in efficient management and planning.

Utility Meter Reporting

Explore the array of reports available to support the efficient use of Campspot's Utility Meter Reading feature:

Utility Meter Readings Report

This report serves as a comprehensive list of all active utility meters, allowing you to verify the last reading value for each site. Here's what you'll find in this report:

  • Site Type & Number
  • Type of Utility
  • Last Meter Read Value, Date, and Campspot User who entered the reading

PDF: Print-Ready Meter Reading Solution

By generating this report in PDF format, you can easily print it out and take it into the park. It's a practical solution for meter readers, simplifying the process of jotting down new readings and communicating updates with the front desk in an organized way.

Invoices with Utility Meter Charges Report

If you need to audit which invoices have had Utility Meter Charges applied, this report is your go-to resource. It compiles a list of all invoices that have incurred utility charges within a specific date range.

Invoice Email Notice - Recurring Billing

While this report doesn't specifically detail Utility Charges, it can assist you in planning meter readings for reservations that use the Recurring Billing feature, often employed for Extended Stay bookings. This report lists invoices for reservations scheduled to be emailed to guests within a specific date range.

How can I use this report to help plan Meter Readings?

To streamline your meter reading process, run this report for future dates to determine when invoices are scheduled to be sent. By posting meter readings to invoices before these dates (at least one day prior is required), the emailed invoice to the guest will include accurate utility charges for that period.

This report provides you with the following essential information:

  • Guest Information (name, email, phone)
  • Invoice Email Date: Crucial for meter reading planning, as the reading needs to be recorded one day prior to this date)
  • Invoice Information (Due Date, Invoice Number, Invoice Period)
  • Total Charges
  • Billing Interval