Resolving Pricing Changes after Reservation Edits: Troubleshooting Guide

Learn how to troubleshoot and prevent pricing changes after reservation edits in Campspot.


Discover the reasons behind pricing changes after reservation edits and gain insights into preventing or addressing them. This troubleshooting guide provides best practices and solutions for successful operation.


This guide is essential for users navigating pricing changes after reservation edits, offering practical tips and steps to ensure accurate and stable pricing in Campspot.

Understanding Price Change Causes:

Understand why pricing changes occur, including rule adjustments, missing add-ons, site type changes, and more. 

  1. Admin Site Rule Setup Changes:
    • Modified, added, or removed pricing-related rules since the reservation began.
    • Package pricing no longer applies due to edits.
  2. Add-ons with Dates:
    • Existing add-ons with dates were not re-added during site edits.
  3. Site Type Changes:
    • Moving a reservation to a different site type with a distinct pricing structure.

Caution: Changes in pricing following a change to a reservation (date changes, site moves, etc.) do not produce an error in the system.

Resolution: Edit Prices on Reservation Invoices 

In most cases, if prices have changed due to any of the reasons listed, you can manually edit the prices.

Manually editing prices on invoices is a permissions based function so if you are unable to do this, update your permissions in User Management or contact your manager.

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Best Practices for Understanding or Preventing Price Changes

Implement these best practices to comprehend and avoid unexpected price adjustments:

1. Pre-Edit Check:

  • Review reservation prices on Reservation Summary > Billing > Invoice Details before making edits. Verify rates and invoice totals for validation after a reservation edit is completed.

2. Rule Consideration:

  • Be mindful of changes in package, discount, or promo code pricing rules since the reservation's start.
  • Other examples of rules that can impact pricing include:
    • Reservation surcharges, occupancy fees, pet fees, taxes, and lock site fees

3. Long-Term / Extended Stay Reservation Tips:

  • For long-term reservations on Recurring Billing, prevent past invoice re-rating with Fixed Package Rate Overrides.

  • Become familiar with how to edit invoices rerated due to Package Price changes here.

    4. Add-ons Updates:

    • When editing sites, ensure to add back any add-ons with dates to prevent removal.
    • If Add-ons are not edited at the same time as the site, they will drop off the reservation. Editing/adding Add-ons with Dates back to the reservation is done within the same edit workflow.
    The clip below shows an example of editing an Add-on in the same workflow as Editing the site of the booking. (36)

    5. Dynamic Pricing Awareness:

    • Consider dynamic pricing rules when extending reservations to anticipate potential increases.
    • If you are extending a reservation and the dates added on are eligible for Dynamic Pricing increases, you may see a higher increase than you expected. Only the newly added dates will price at the dynamic pricing increase.

    6. Site Type Change Awareness:

    • Be conscious of pricing differences when moving a reservation to a new site type.

    7. Splitting a Reservation between two sites:

    • If a reservation qualifies for package pricing and a request is made requiring the reservation to be split between two sites, the package pricing may not calculate correctly if the requirements are not met.
      • Example: A 3 month reservation, qualifying for monthly package pricing, is moved part way through the month. The package pricing no longer qualifies with the multiple sites being occupied.

    Troubleshooting Specific Scenarios:

    Managing Recurring Billing Rate Changes

    When past invoice prices have changed on reservations configured for Recurring Billing, manual editing of rates may need to be done on multiple invoices.

    If a reservation has Recurring Billing setup, you will find multiple invoices listed on the Reservation Summary Billing tab. Each of these invoices is calculated based on the Billing Settings.

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    Adding a Charge Back to an Invoice

    If a charge has been removed from invoice due to a change in pricing related rules, you can manually add the charge back to the invoice.

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