Troubleshooting Price Changes After Reservation Edits

After reservation edits are made, you may notice changes in prices for various invoice items. Below, learn how to understand and correct price changes.

Price Change Causes

Changes with pricing after reservation edits do not indicate an error, but understanding why they happen and how to make changes yourself is important to successful operation. Some of the reasons for price changes are as follows: 

  • You have changed, added, or removed pricing related rules since the reservation started
  • Existing Add-ons With Dates were not re-added during site edits 
  • You moved a reservation to a different Site Type with a different pricing structure 
  • The edit caused package pricing to no longer apply

Best Practices for Understanding or Preventing Price Changes

  • Before making reservation edits, especially for longterm reservations, always look at the reservation prices on the Reservation Summary. These are found through Reservation Summary > Billing > Invoice Details. It is recommend that you look at these prices so that if any price changes do occur, you know what it was previously and can change it back.
  • Think about any Package/Discount/Promo Code pricing rule changes that occurred since the reservation was first booked. If you know of any that would affect the current reservation, make sure to look out for those changes after you make the edit.

Note: When long-term reservations that are setup on Recurring Billing are edited, past invoices may re-rate if pricing was changed during the course of the reservation. 

If you have long-term reservations that cross over periods of rate increases, learn how to avoid previous invoices being re-rated with the use of Fixed Package Rate Overrides here
  • If you have created, edited, or removed rules that affect pricing, make a note of those rules and apply or remove them as needed. 
    Example: Reservation surcharges, occupancy fees, pet fees, taxes, lock site fees, and package/discounted/promo code pricing (as mentioned above)
  • If Add-ons with Dates are included on the reservation, make sure add to those back to the reservation at the same time that you edit the Site. If these are not edited at the same time, they will drop off the reservation. Editing/adding Add-ons with Dates back to the reservation is done within the same edit workflow. The clip below shows an example of what this looks like. (36)
  • Consider Dynamic Pricing rules. If you are extending a reservation and the dates added on are eligible for Dynamic Pricing increases, you may see a higher increase than you expected. Only the newly added dates will price at the dynamic pricing increase.
  • Be conscious of pricing differences between different Site Types when moving a reservation to a new Site Type. If nightly or package pricing differences exist, pricing changes will occur when moving a reservation to a new Site Type. 
  • Keep in mind that if you split a reservation over two different Sites and the reservation has package pricing applied, package pricing may no longer apply depending on when in the reservation the edit occurs. 
    Example: If you have a 3 month long reservation on a monthly package price and you move it to a new site part way through the month, the system will no longer recognize the monthly pricing as the full month will have been split up. 
    The images below show an example of a reservation before and after it was moved to a new site part way through the month. The second image shows that the monthly package price is no longer being applied in the month that reservation was moved. 
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 17.53.34

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 17.55.50

  • Similar to the tip mentioned above, keep in mind that edits to reservation dates may cause package pricing to no longer apply. 
    Example: If a reservation was booked for a week and was priced as a weekly rate, editing the reservation to only 5 or 6 days would cause the weekly rate to no longer apply. Because weekly rates are typically discounted, shortening a reservation with weekly pricing could potentially increase the cost. 

How To Edit Prices on Reservation Invoices 

 In most cases, if prices have changed due to any of the reasons listed above, you can manually edit the prices back. Manually editing prices on invoices is a permissions based function so if you are unable to do this, update your permissions in User Management or contact your manager.

Step 1 

Determine which items on the invoice changed and why. Do this by reviewing the Invoice Details and Invoice History section of the the Billing tab. The Invoice Details will show all current invoice items and the Invoice History section will show all changes that occurred to the Invoice.
Below are additional steps that can be taken to change prices after completing Step 1. 

Manually Editing Prices On Invoices 

Navigate to the Invoice Details section of the Billing tab on the Reservation Summary.

Click the three green dots next to the invoice item you'd like to edit and click Edit Item.

Change the rate or total of the item and click Save.

Repeat the above steps for each invoice item that needs to be edited.

The clip below shows this process on a reservation where package pricing no longer applied. (37)

When past invoice prices have changed on reservations configured for Recurring Billing, manual editing of rates may need to be done on multiple invoices.

The images below show a reservation that was priced at $675 per month and was then extended by one month which changed the rate to $750 per month on past and future invoices. This occurred because the park increased their monthly rate since the start of the reservation. In this case, the park would have wanted the guest to be charged the new $750 rate only for the additional month they added. The clip below shows the process of editing the prices on individual invoices. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 15.38.13

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 15.46.38 (39)

Adding a Charge Back to Invoice  

If a charge has been removed from invoice due to a change in pricing related rules, click the +Add new charge button in Invoice Details and add the charge back on to the invoice. In order to add a new charge to the reservation, you must be sure that it is set up as a Miscellaneous Charge first. [READ HERE] to learn more about Miscellaneous Charges. 

The clip below shows a charge being added to an invoice. In this situation, the Online Convenience Fee was setup as a Reservation Surcharge and was removed during a reservation edit due to a change in the Reservation Surcharge rule. (38)

Step 4 - Adding Add-ons with Dates Back to Invoice

If Add-ons with Dates have been mistakenly removed from a reservation due to not being edited during the original site edits, they can be easily added back on to the reservation by following the steps in this article


For troubleshooting tips on other reservation edit roadblocks [READ HERE].