Troubleshooting Missing Camp or User Credit

When attempting to pay for a reservation with a guest's Camp or User Credit, you may find that the money from their credit is not showing up in your Payment Methods list. Below, learn how to find the funds and use them to pay.

Payments Made Online By Guests

Camp and User Credit can only be used as payment methods by your park, and cannot be used on the Consumer Booking Site by your guest. If your guest has reported that they are unable to use that money to pay online, you can confirm that that is expected and that you can assist by  processing the payment through the Admin Site.

To learn more about the differences between Camp and User Credit and how they are used as Payment Methods [READ HERE].

Troubleshooting Tips 

As guests are not able to use their Camp or User Credit to pay online, there are no troubleshooting steps needed when a guest reports the inability to do so. 

Payments Made Through The Admin Site

If you are attempting to use a guest's Camp or User Credit to pay for a reservation and you do not see the money as an option for Payment Methods, follow the Troubleshooting Tips below. 

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Confirm the guest has Camp or User Credit 

To confirm the guest has Camp or User Credit access their Guest Profile and look at the Guest Overview at the top of the Guest Profile modal. Any Camp or User credit exists on the Guest Profile and will show in the Guest Overview.

If you do not see any Camp or User Credit on the Guest Profile, you will not be able to use it as a Payment Method. 

The image below shows a Guest Overview for a guest that has $0 in Camp Credit and $200 in User Credit. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 15.49.22-1

2. Confirm that the Credit has not already been used on another reservation 

If you do not see the Camp or User Credit in the Guest Overview, you can check if it has already been used on another reservation by selecting the Account History tab on the Guest Profile. 

The Account History tab shows any transactions that have taken place with Camp or User Credit. Transactions in a negative amount indicate that the money was refunded to the guest or paid onto a reservation. Transactions with positive amounts indicate money being added to Camp or User Credit from a reservation. To learn more about each transaction shown, you can click on the green Invoice Link if available. 

Transactions shown in Account History are listed in reverse chronological order.

Note: Refunds directly from the guest profile can only be issued from User Credit, will be labeled as refunds, and will not have an Invoice link.

The image below shows the Account History of a guest profile that has two transactions in Camp Credit. The first transaction is a refund of $310 to the guest's Camp Credit and the second transaction is a payment of $180 from Camp Credit towards a new reservation. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 16.11.35

3. Check that you are using the correct guest profile

If you have looked at the Account History tab for a guest and do not see that the expected Camp or User Credit has already been used or refunded, you should then confirm that you are using the correct Guest Profile for the booking. If the guest has stayed at your park multiple times, they may have multiple profiles in the system.

To check if multiple profiles exist navigate to Booking > Customers > and then search for the guest's name in the Customers list

If you see duplicate profiles for the guest, check them all to see where the Camp or User CreditScreen Shot 2022-04-22 at 16.37.38 exists. If you would like to Merge the profiles, you can do this two at a time by clicking the checkbox next to each. The Merge button will then appear at the top right corner. 

The image below shows a guest that has duplicate profiles. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 16.39.20