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Campspot Text Messaging: Setup Guide & FAQ

Learn more about Campspot's one-way in-app text messaging feature.


Campspot's in-app text messaging feature provides a simple and free one-way texting capability, allowing users to keep guests informed or use it for marketing based on the park's strategy. Activation involves signing up, confirmation by a support representative, and user permission configuration in the User Management portal. Messages are sent from a toll-free number, ensuring cost-effectiveness and deliverability across the US, Canada, and internationally.

Ready to get started?

Click here: Sign Up for Text Messaging then follow the instructions below.

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Text Messaging Function to Your Account

Step 1: Sign Up for Text Messaging

  • Sign up for text messaging by clicking here..

  • Await activation by a Campspot Software Support representative.

  • Receive confirmation of feature activation via email.

Step 2: Verify User Permission in your Campspot Admin Site

Campspot's texting feature requires certain User Role Permissions to complete setup and use. Follow these steps in Campspot:

  1. Navigate to User Management.
  2. Click on Roles in the top right corner.
  3. Find and click on the User Role assigned to the User requiring access to Integrations.
  4. Click on Customize permissions under Booking.
  5. Verify the Send Guest Messages permission is checked.
  6. Click Save Changes if changes were made.

Upon successful setup, you will now see a "Send Message" button on the Front Desk tab.

The recording below visually shows these steps (video has no sound): 

Most Common FAQ:

Q: What phone number is the text message sent from? 

All texts originate from one toll-free phone number registered with all carriers, ensuring cost-effectiveness and broad deliverability across the US, Canada, and international numbers.

Q: What phone number can we text?

Texts can be sent only to mobile phone numbers. The Primary phone number on the Guest Profile is used for sending text messages.

Q: Can I receive a response from a text message that I’ve sent?

Not currently. The feature supports one-way communication.

Would you prefer two-way texting? Learn more about our two-way texting integration with SimpleTexting through Mailchimp.

Q: What kinds of text messages can I send?

SMS texts are limited to 160 characters. Web links within the character limit can be included, but MMS texts with multimedia are not supported.

Example texts of parks using this feature include:

  • Come by the park office for an offer to extend your stay.
  • Water will be turned off today from 10-4.
  • Thunderstorm warning for tonight.
  • Anticipation of your stay next weekend with gate code 4566.

Q: Who can I send messages to?

Messages can be sent to guests in the park today, guests checking in today, and guests checking in within a date range (not exceeding 30 days from today's date).

Q: How does someone opt-in to text messaging?

Guests opt-in during online reservation or through their reservation confirmation email.

Q: How does a guest opt-out of text messaging?

Simply reply STOP to the received text message, and they will no longer receive messages for that reservation.

Q: Will Campspot message my customers?

No, Campspot will not message customers who create reservations through your direct consumer website or by calling and making a reservation directly with you.


Ready to elevate your communication strategy even further?

Explore the possibilities with Campspot's integration with SimpleTexting through Mailchimp. Click here to learn more about this new two-way texting integration.