Social Media

Social Media: What's on the page?

Learn more about linking your Social Media accounts to your Consumer Site.


Discover the power of social media integration with Campspot's Consumer Site Admin social media setup. Seamlessly connect with your audience across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook/Meta, and Pinterest, providing guests easy access to explore more about your park.

Social Media

Elevate Your Campground's Online Presence with Social Media Integration

Welcome to the Social Media setup page in Campspot's Consumer Site Admin section—a gateway to enhancing your campground's digital footprint, engaging with your audience on various platforms, and providing guests easy access to even more great information about your park.

This platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate custom social media links into your consumer site, enabling guests to explore and connect with your campground across multiple channels including:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook / Meta
  • Pinterest

Accessing the Social Media Setup Page

To update your social media links:

  1. Navigate to Consumer Site Admin.
  2. Click on the Social Media tab.

Customize Your Social Media Links

Campspot empowers you to seamlessly integrate custom social media links into your consumer site. With just a few clicks, you can enhance user engagement and foster connections across multiple platforms.

How to Input Social Media Links

On the Social Media setup page, you'll find dedicated input boxes for each platform. Simply paste the custom link to your campground's profile or page into the corresponding text box.

Each link you add will display the associated social media icon on your consumer site, serving as a direct link to your campground's profile or page on that platform.

Imagine the possibilities: showcase stunning campground photos on Instagram, share updates and promotions on Twitter, engage with your community on Facebook, and curate inspiration on Pinterest. With Campspot's Social Media integration, the sky's the limit for connecting with your audience and fostering meaningful relationships.