SimpleTexting Integration FAQ

Learn how to use the SimpleTexting integration to communicate with your guests with two-way texting.


Your guests want to interact using their phones, and texting is the preferred method of communication. 90% of people open a text within three minutes with a response rate of 45%. (PCMag, 2020)

Through the use of our Mailchimp integration, you can now also integrate with SimpleTexting to create open communication with your guests via two-way texting.

What is two-way texting versus one-way texting?

Two-way texting enables you to receive and respond to inbound text messages while having one-to-one conversations with your guests. Campspot currently has functionality to allow one- way texting, but with this integration, your communication with your guests will be greatly expanded!

What is SimpleTexting?

SimpleTexting is an integration available to any Campspot partner taking advantage of our Mailchimp integration. By syncing SimpleTexting with your Mailchimp account, you can share guest information between the platforms making it easy to reach your guests wherever they are.

With streamlined messaging across email and SMS,  you can easily communicate with your guests and take advantage of revenue generating opportunities. For example, you can easily:

  • Communicate an issue with a site or site type
  • Promote a particular site type
  • Send a gate code
  • Offer a special promotion
  • Allow your guests to communicate with you without tying up the phone lines
  • Send messages to a set of your guests based on criteria you select
  • Send an individual guest a message for a one on one conversation

Integration Setup Instructions

1. Have a Mailchimp Account with Campspot Integration

In order to use SimpleTexting to have better texting capabilities when communicating with your guests, you do have to have a Mailchimp account integrated with Campspot.

If you are interested in completing that process, click this link for more information on the Mailchimp integration.

2. Work directly with SimpleTexting

You will work directly with SimpleTexting to set your park up in their system. You can even request a Demo and ask questions prior to committing to the integration.

Click on the following link to Get Started with SimpleTexting.


Your guests must Opt-in to receive texts in Campspot to receive messaging from SimpleTexting.


Q: Are there any costs to use this integration?

There are both monthly and annual plans available with SimpleTexting. The pricing includes receiving a special rate for being a Campspot user. Get more details on pricing directly from SimpleTexting by Booking a time to chat with a representative (click here to find out more).

Q: Do I have to have a Mailchimp account or can I use SimpleTexting by itself?

You do need to have an active Mailchimp account with our Mailchimp integration to take advantage of SimpleTexting.

Q: How do I sync SimpleTexting with my active Mailchimp account?

If you would like to get started, simply follow this link to get started with SimpleTexting. They will work directly with you to complete the integration.

Q: What customer and reservation information is sent to SimpleTexting?

Campspot syncs with Mailchimp daily. SimpleTexting then syncs continuously with Mailchimp to receive the data required to message your guests.

Q: Can I use two-way texting in Campspot today?

Text messaging functionality in Campspot can only be sent en masse, one way to your guests today. SimpleTexting would enable not just two way messaging, but the ability to message a guest individually as well.

Q: Can I use both Campspot's texting functionality and SimpleTexting?

Once you sign up for the integration with SimpleTexting all texting should be done through SimpleTexting's platform.

Q: Can I access SimpleTexting directly through my Campspot Admin Site?

To get the full benefits of SimpleTexting you will be logging into their platform which is not directly connected to Campspot.

Get started with SimpleTexting today! Click here.