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Signals Dashboard: Flexible Comparison Tool

Learn how to explore KPI performance by custom periods to a comp set.

Flexible Comparison Tool

The flexible comparison gives you freedom to explore custom trailing periods to compare your park’s performance metrics. Seasonal - transient reservation share and average daily rate (ADR) comparisons are also included.

Filters explanation:

Period Selection

This filter is the main period you want numbers to be aggregated to. For example, if today we are in July, selecting the “Last Full Month” option will select the month of June. When selecting the “Trailing” option, the Select Number of Days filter must also be selected.

Compare To

This will be the period to compare against. The dashboard will throw an error when trying to compare periods that don’t match. For example, if the Period Selection is set to Year to Date, and the Compare To filter is set to previous week, we can’t make that comparison and an error will be shown. 

Select Number of Days

This filter is only used when selecting the “Trailing” option from the Period Selection. This allows for a custom number of days in a period.

As of Date

This filter will replace the default current date to any point in time. When looking at any “to date” (e.g. week, month, year to date),  the end date of that period will be the date selected in the filter. For example, if today is July 26th and the As of Date filter is selected for July 15th, a month-to-date comparison will show July 1st until the 15th.

Useful combinations

Week over Week: 

  • Period Selection: Trailing
  • Compare To: Prior Period (Trailing)
  • Select Number of Days: 7

Month over Month:

  • Period Selection: Month to Date or Last Full Month
  • Compare To: Prior Month

Year over Year:

  • Period Selection: any period will work
  • Compare To: Prior Year

See an example of the dashboard below:

Signals - flexible_comparison_tool