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How To: Set Up Daily Add-ons

Including how to create new add-ons, configure the add-on assignments feature and allow add-ons to be added to site type reservations.


Setting up daily add-ons in Campspot is an excellent way to enhance your campground's offerings. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough, from locating daily add-ons to creating new add-on types, units, and seamlessly integrating them into site types. Ensure a smooth reservation experience by following these steps.


  • Diverse Offerings: Expand your campground's appeal by introducing new and exciting daily add-ons, catering to various guest preferences.
  • Consumer-Friendly Descriptions: Enhance the booking process by providing clear descriptions and invoice messages for daily add-ons, ensuring guests are well-informed.
  • Efficient Pricing Management: Streamline the reservation process by setting up add-on pricing, enabling a seamless booking experience for your guests.

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Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Navigate to Unit Setup

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup from the primary navigation.
  2. Select Unit Setup from the secondary navigation.

Step 2: Add Daily Add-On Type

  1. Choose Daily Add-ons from the Add-On Category table.
  2. Click the Add Type button.

Add New Add-On

Step 3: Complete the New Add-On Type form

  1. Fill out the form to meet your specifications. Required fields will be indicated with a red asterisk. These must be filled out to complete this process.
  2. Click the Save Changes button.
Is Active Check this box to indicate that the site is active and ready for bookings.

Assign a easily identifiable Site Type Name.

**Please Note: This name will be guest-facing.**

Description Paint a picture of the Site Type for both your guests and staff to understand the value of each of your unique Site Types.
Invoice Message Enter an invoice message for the add-on in the Invoice Message section. This will show on the bottom of the invoice and will be emailed to the guest.
Add-On Assignment

Select whether if specific units should be assigned or not by selecting:

  • Don't Assign Specific Units - example of this may be linen rentals or a guest pass.
  • Assign Specific Units - example of this may be Gold Rentals.

Select the Financial Accounts the revenue for this Site Type should be reported. 

Learn more by checking out the tip below.

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Click the Choose photo to upload button to upload a photo to any of these categories.

Step 4: Create Add-On Units

  1. Click on an Add-On Type from the list.
  2. Click the Add Add-On button.
  3. Enter a name for the add-on unit in the Name field.
  4. Click the Save button.
    1. Repeat this process for each add-on unit of the add-on type.