Set Up Daily Add-ons

Including how to create new add-ons, configure the add-on assignments feature and allow add-ons to be added to site type reservations.

To Find Daily Add-ons

Select Campground Setup from the primary navigation.
Select Unit Setup from the secondary navigation.
Select Daily Add-ons from the Add-On Category table.

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 16.46.12

To Create a New Add-On Type

Click the Add Type button.
Select the Is Active box.
Enter a name for the add-on in the Name field.
Enter a description for the add-on in the Description field. This will display on the consumer site and in the booking section.
Enter an invoice message for the add-on in the Invoice Message section. This will show on the bottom of the invoice and will be emailed to the guest.
Upload photos to the Main Image and Slideshow sections.
Select Don’t Assign Specific Units or Assign Specific Units under the Add-on Assignment list.
Select a financial account from the dropdown list for all options in the Accounting section. This section must be filled entirely in order to save.
Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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Which Add-on Assignment should I select?

If an add-on type requires that a specific add-on unit be assigned to the guest at check-in, choose the Assign Specific Units option. Not assigning specific units is appropriate when the add-on type does not have specific units or specific units are not assigned at check-in.

To Create Add-On Units

Click on an Add-On Type from the list.
Click the Add Add-On button.
Enter a name for the add-on unit in the Name field.
Click the Save button.


Repeat this process for each add-on unit of the add-on type.

How to add an Add-On to a Site Type

Select Campground Setup from the primary navigation.

Select Unit Setup from the secondary navigation.

Select the Site Category (RV Sites, Lodging, or Tent Sites).

Select the Site Type to add the add-on(s) to by checking the box next to the Site Type name and clicking the EDIT box at the top.

Click into the box under the label Add-ons Allowed for a drop-down list of available options.

Add each that are applicable to that site type, they are added one at a time.

How to Set Up Add-On Pricing

Now that you have successfully set up add-ons and allowed them to be added to site reservations, pricing must be added before the add-on can be reserved.