Reservation Rules

The Reservation sub-section includes rules that specify minimum and maximum stay lengths and restrict arrivals or departures in certain situations.

No gaps of _ length allowed

A gap rule aims to minimize the number of days between one guest’s check-out and the next guest’s check-in for a given site. This maximizes efficiency in the park grid. For example, with a 2-day gap rule, Campspot will only return results for sites that meet the guest’s requirements and are available less than 2 days from that site’s last guest checkout. This would then reduce the length of time the site is vacant between the last and next guest. In situations as deemed necessary, this rule can be overridden.

No arrivals or departures on _ day of the week

The arrival/departure day rule prevents guests from checking in or checking out on a particular day(s) of the week. In the example below, guests are not permitted to schedule their arrival date on a Saturday or Sunday for the requested time period. 

Reservation minimum of _ days

A minimum stay rule sets the lowest number of days that a reservation must meet or exceed to be valid. In the example image below, there is a 2-day minimum reservation length with check in on any day of the week. 

Reservation maximum of _ days

A maximum stay rule limits the total number of nights allowed in a single reservation. In the example image below, reservations are limited to a maximum of 30 nights.