Reservation Rules

The Reservation sub-section includes rules that specify minimum and maximum stay lengths and restrict arrivals or departures in certain situations.

Reservation Rules

These rules allow you to better quantify your reservations by defining gaps, when a reservation can arrive or depart, and length of stay.

New Variation Form

Each of these rules has a similar New Variation (New Rule) form.

The top of the form includes:

Res Rule - 0 Top of Rule Form

Active Dates vs Expiration Date:

Each of these fields will define a "When" with regards to a reservation.

Active Dates: "When will this rule apply? What stay dates are included?"

Expiration Date: "When should this rule no longer apply? At what point prior to the stay dates will this rule expire?"

The bottom of the form includes:

Res Rule - 0.1 Bottom of Rule form

This rule message is meant to provide your front desk user more context on rules applicable for reservation dates.

No gaps of _ length allowed


Aims to minimize the number of days between one guest’s check-out and the next guest’s check-in for a given site. This maximizes efficiency in the park grid. This rule reduces the length of time the site is vacant between the last and next guest. 


Using a 2-day gap rule, a front desk CSR user or guest only see results for sites that meet the guest’s requirements and are available less than 2 days from that site’s last guest checkout. In situations as deemed necessary, this rule can be overridden.


Res Rule - 01 No gaps

Define the number of nights expected of the gap between reservations to be applied to any or all days of the week. This rule can be tied to the occupancy performance of the Site Types selected and the booking window.

No arrivals or departures on _ day of the week


The arrival/departure day rule prevents guests from checking in or checking out on a particular day(s) of the week.


Res Rule - 02 DOW Arrive & Depart

Select the days of week the arrival / departure rule should apply. This rule can be tied to the occupancy performance of each Site Type selected as well as the Booking Window of the reservation.

Reservation minimum of _ days


Minimum length of stay rules are used to manage the minimum number of days a reservation must meet or exceed to be valid.


If I want to require a 5 night length of stay, any reservation must stay 5 or more nights to qualify for a confirmed booking. 


Res Rule - 03 MLOS

The rule can be applied to specific check-in days of the week, occupancy and booking window to really qualify the reservations you accept.

You can also tell the system to Bypass or override the rule automatically if a reservation is a Best Fit or fits between two reservations to fill a gap.

Reservation maximum of _ days


A maximum stay rule limits the total number of nights allowed in a single reservation.


Res Rule - 04 Max LOS

Apply the maximum number of nights a reservation can be made for to specific check-in days defined by occupancy performance for the Site Type(s) selected and the booking window of the reservation.