Reservation Rules: What's on the Page?

Learn more about the rules available to enhance your reservation strategy.


Campspot's Reservation Rules page empowers users with versatile tools for managing reservations effectively. These rules, covering gap lengths, arrival/departure days, and stay durations, offer flexibility and control. Examples demonstrate the adaptability of these rules, ensuring optimized park grid efficiency and a structured booking schedule.

Reservation Rules

These rules allow you to better quantify your reservations by defining gaps, when a reservation can arrive or depart, and length of stay.

Rule: No gaps of _ length allowed


  • Minimize the time between guest check-out and the next guest's check-in, optimizing park grid efficiency, and reducing site vacancy.

  • Allow filtering results based on the defined gap length for enhanced reservation management.


Employing a rule not allowing a 2-day gap, a reservation search will list sites available with more than a 2 day gap between the last reservation's checkout date and the new reservation's check in date. The rule can be overridden when necessary.

Rule: No arrivals or departures on _ day of the week


  • Prevent check-ins or check-outs on specific days of the week, providing greater control over reservation flow.

  • Ensure a more structured schedule for arrivals and departures

Rule: Reservation minimum of _ days


  • Manage the minimum length of stay required for a valid reservation, ensuring reservations meet or exceed a specified number of nights.
  • Enforce stay duration policies for optimal booking management.


A 5-night length of stay rule means reservations must stay 5 or more nights for confirmation.

Rule: Reservation maximum of _ days


  • Set a maximum stay rule, limiting the total number of nights allowed in a single reservation.
  • Useful for controlling extended stays and ensuring flexibility in site availability.