Pricing rules are used to affect revenue generation through dynamic rate changes, packages, promotions and the addition of taxes and fees.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing rules change the base rate of a site type based on occupancy levels and time of booking.

Package/ Discounted/ Promo Code Pricing

Package rules are multi-faceted and most commonly used to configure stay length based rates. They can also be used to set up certain discounts or promo codes.

Occupancy Based Surcharges

Occupancy based surcharge rules can be configured to add a fee to a reservation based on the number of occupants (adults and/ or children).


Tax rules add tax fees to the reservation charges and fees.

Reservation Surcharges

Reservation surcharge rules add fees that go beyond reservation charges and taxes per reservation.


Discount rules create reservation discounts that can only be applied by an admin user. 

Pet Fees

Pet Fee rules add fees based on the number of pets on the reservation.