Rules: What's on the Page?

Explore the various parts of the Rules Setup page.


Campspot's Rules page is your comprehensive toolkit for effective reservation management. From Date Groups to Policy Rules and beyond, each subsection offers powerful tools tailored to streamline operations and maximize revenue. Whether it's defining stay dates, customizing pricing strategies, or managing cancellation policies, Campspot provides the flexibility and control you need to optimize your campground's reservation process.

Rules Page

Explore the resources below to dive deeper into each subsection:

  1. Date Groups

  2. Rate Groups
  3. Reservation Rules

  4. Pricing Rules

  5. Occupancy Rules

  6. Policy Rules

  7. Additional Function Rules

Date Groups

Date Groups are crucial for precise rule implementation in Campspot. They define active stay dates, ensuring rules are applied accurately during specified time frames, leading to a streamlined reservation process.

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Rate Groups

Rate Groups in Campspot enable customization of additional people fees through the deployment of Occupancy Surcharges, offering flexibility in defining fees and applying overrides for specific timeframes. By assigning Date Groups, users can enhance pricing strategies.

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Reservation Rules

Campspot's Reservation Rules page empowers users with versatile tools for managing reservations effectively. Use the rules below to define:

  1. No gaps of _ length allowed: Minimize site vacancy by enforcing a minimum time between guest check-out and next guest's check-in.
  2. No arrivals or departures on _ day of the week: Control reservation flow by restricting check-ins or check-outs on specific days.
  3. Reservation minimum of _ days: Enforce minimum length of stay for reservations, ensuring booking meets a specified duration.
  4. Reservation maximum of _ days: Limit total nights allowed in a reservation, managing extended stays and site availability.

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Pricing Rules

Go beyond Site Base rates by applying rate changes based on occupancy, length of stay, application of a promo code and more. Boost revenue and tailor your pricing strategy by adopting the following rules:

  1. Dynamic Pricing: Automates rate changes based on occupancy and booking time for optimized revenue and flexible pricing strategies.
  2. Package/ Discounted/ Promo Code Pricing: Tailors rates with Variable and Fixed Package Types for versatile pricing adjustments.
  3. Occupancy-based Fees: Personalizes charges based on Age Groups for increased revenue opportunities.
  4. Taxes: Customizes taxes for diverse scenarios, ensuring efficient tax management.
  5. Reservation Fees: Automates service charges, streamlining the booking process.
  6. Discounts: Offers precision with manual percentage-based discounts for diverse scenarios.
  7. Flexible Lock Site: Customizes booking rules for maximum revenue and enhanced guest experience.
  8. Pet Fees: Automatically applies fees based on pet count and duration for simplified revenue generation.

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Occupancy Rules

Explore the rules available to define the maximum and minimum number of occupants per site while also defining the maximum number of pets allowed on your Pet Friendly Sites:

  1. Min/Max Age Groups: Specifies the minimum and maximum number of occupants per site type.
  2. Pets: Specifies the maximum number of pets per site type.

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Policy Rules

Define how your Admin Site should manage cancellations and payments with these rules:

  1. Cancellation Policy: Tailor refund and fee management policies based on seasonality, site types, and stay duration. This rule defines how your Admin Site will calculate User Credit and Camp Credit.
  2. Payment Policy: Customize deposit requirements for a personalized booking experience.

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Additional Function Rules

Compliment your park's strategy by defining things like utilizing grid optimization, resort closings, booking in advance limits, and other powerful rules:

  1. Best & Preferred Site Function: Elevate site selection efficiency for optimal grid performance.
  2. Grid Optimization: Streamline the Reservation Grid, maximizing revenue potential.
  3. Resort Closed: Seamlessly manage off-season availability for precise reservation control.
  4. Cannot be reserved online: Strategically control Consumer Site reservations for enhanced booking management.
  5. Booking in advance limits: Gain control over reservation timing for efficient inventory planning.
  6. Auto-charge balance: Simplify payment processes with automatic balance charging for guests.

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