Functions: What's on the Page?

Enhance your campground management capabilities with an in-depth exploration of essential Function Rules, unlocking efficiency and maximizing revenue potential.


Campspot's "Functions" page is a powerhouse of tools for campground operators. From optimizing site selection and automating grid efficiency to managing off-season availability, controlling online reservations, setting advance booking limits, and simplifying payment processes, these functions streamline operations and enhance the guest booking experience

Function Rules

  1. Best and Preferred Site Function
  2. Grid Optimization
  3. Resort Closed
  4. Cannot be reserved online
  5. Booking in advance limits
  6. Auto-charge balance

Rule: Best & Preferred Site Function


  • Elevate your Booking Grid with Campspot's "Best and Preferred Site Function," streamlining site selection for optimal efficiency.
  • Combine it with Grid Optimization for a well-rounded strategy, ensuring a seamless experience for reservations and enhancing overall grid aesthetics.

Rule: Grid Optimization


  • Use this rule only to Opt-out of this revenue generating feature by selecting which Site Type(s) to exclude.
  • Transform your Reservation Grid with Campspot's Grid Optimization, automatically enhancing efficiency and maximizing revenue potential.
  • This game-changer streamlines the reservation process, reducing gaps and freeing up valuable time for campground operators.

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Rule: Resort Closed


  • Seamlessly manage off-season availability with Campspot's Resort Closed feature, ensuring precise control over reservation closures.
  • Easily set up and control closures for seasonal breaks, special events, or emergencies, providing flexibility in managing reservations.

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Rule: Cannot be reserved online


  • Strategically manage your Consumer Site with Campspot's Cannot Be Reserved Online rule, allowing temporary closure, restricting specific site types, and controlling reservations for future dates.
  • Enhance your park's booking strategy and management capabilities with this versatile rule.

Rule: Booking in advance limits


  • Gain control over reservation timing with Campspot's Booking in Advance Limits rule, ideal for planning future inventory, managing housekeeping schedules, or setting advance booking windows.
  • Determine when reservations can be made on both the Admin Site and Consumer Site, providing flexibility for various scenarios.

Rule: Auto-charge balance


  • Explore the efficiency of Campspot's Auto-Charge Balance feature, simplifying the process of automatically charging guests for outstanding balances.
  • Tailor rules based on active dates, site types, and lead time for a personalized approach, enhancing the payment experience for guests and administrators.