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Reservation Activity Feed: General Info

Explore streamlined reporting, enhanced business intelligence integration, and optimal data accessibility with the Reservation Activity Feed feature.


Unlock the full potential of your Campspot data with the Reservation Activity Feed, a powerful feature that delivers nightly Rent Roll reports to Amazon S3, enabling automated retrieval and seamless integration into your preferred Business Intelligence Software. This guide will walk you through the uses, integration instructions, and frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and efficient setup.


  • Streamlined Reporting: Obtain Rent Roll reports seamlessly through automated nightly deliveries to Amazon S3.
  • Business Intelligence Integration: Enhance data analysis by importing Rent Roll reports into your organization's BI software.
  • Data Accessibility: Utilize various tools, including APIs, command line, and GUI programs, to retrieve data from Amazon S3.

What is the Reservation Activity Feed?

  • Instead of manual downloads or scheduled e-mail deliveries, the Rent Roll report is delivered nightly to Amazon S3 secure cloud storage.
  • Retrieve and import data directly into your organization's Business Intelligence Software using automated tools. 

Please Note: While the integrated Reservation Activity Feed provides automated Rent Roll reports to Amazon S3, please be aware that Business Intelligence software and automated tools are not included. Ensure your park has the necessary tools for seamless integration and embrace the data revolution!

The image below shows an example of a Rent Roll report. 

Setup Instructions:

Campspot is here to help you successfully sign up use of the Reservation Activity Feed. To learn more about this integration and the steps required to get started email us at:

Please Note: A contract addendum and payment are required parts of the setup process and details of that will be provided during the implementation process.

Is there a cost to use this feature?

Yes, there is a cost associated with unlocking the full capabilities of the Reservation Activity Feed. These costs include:

  1. Implementation Fee: $2,000 (one-time payment at the start)
  2. Monthly Subscription: $100/park (added to your standard monthly Campspot invoice)
This investment ensures continuous access to enhanced data integration and the benefits of streamlined reporting and business intelligence integration.

Most Common FAQ:

Q: What can I expect from the files in Amazon S3?

  • The nightly-delivered Rent Roll report spans the past three years for all parks in your organization.
  • Data refreshes nightly, post-midnight of your organization's last park.
  • File named rent_roll.csv captures the latest nightly run, with earlier runs stored by date for easy reference.
The Image below shows the Rent Roll file listing from Amazon S3. The latest file is shown at the bottom of the list with no date in the file name. 

Q: How can I retrieve my data?

The cloud storage is on Amazon Web Services S3, an industry standard that can be accessed using free programs and APIs.

After setting up your account, a Campspot team member will provide credentials that can be used with the following tools to access the data:

Q: How can I use my data?

After the data is retrieved, it can be disseminated in whatever method suits your park. Some popular options are a refresh database table or to save the report to a shared drive.