Reservation Activity Feed Feature FAQ

The Reservation Activity Feed feature allows for automated delivery of the Rent Roll report. Below, learn more about the setup and use of this feature.

What is the Reservation Activity Feed?

With the Reservation Activity Feed feature, instead of a manual download or a scheduled e-mail delivery, the Rent Roll report is delivered nightly to Amazon S3 secure cloud storage. From Amazon S3 it can be retrieved and imported directly into your organization's Business Intelligence Software using automated tools. 

Please Note: The Business Intelligence software and automated tools are not part of the Reservation Activity Feed feature. Your park must have and set these up in order to use the automation portion of the feature.

The image below shows an example of a Rent Roll report. 

What can I expect from the files in Amazon S3?

The Rent Roll report that is delivered nightly to Amazon S3 contains data for the last 3 years for all parks in your organization. If you only have one park in Campspot that data will only be for that one park.

The data will refresh nightly, some time after midnight of the last park in your organization.  A file called rent_roll.csv will contain the latest nightly run of this report, and all recent previous runs are stored with a date in the file name.

The Image below shows the Rent Roll file listing from Amazon S3. The latest file is shown at the bottom of the list with no date in the file name. 

How can I retrieve my data?

The cloud storage is on Amazon Web Services S3, an industry standard that can be accessed using free programs and APIs. After setting up your account, a Campspot team member will provide credentials that can be used with the following tools to access the data:

How can I use my data?

After the data is retrieved, it can be disseminated in whatever method suits your park. Some popular options are a refresh database table or to save the report to a shared drive.

How can I sign up for this feature?

If you would like to sign up for the Reservation Activity Feed feature, please reach out to a Campspot Customer Success Management team member to assist you with getting started.

What are the necessary setup steps?

After you have informed a Campspot team member of your interest in signing up for the feature, that team member will begin the process and keep you informed along the way. A contract addendum and payment are required parts of the setup process and details of that will be provided to you by a Campspot team member.

Is there a cost to use this feature?

The cost to use the feature is as follows: 

$2,000 implementation fee + $100/month/park 

The $2000 implementation fee must be paid at the start to begin the setup process and the $100/month per park cost is added on to your normal monthly invoice from Campspot.