Reports - Revenue Summary by Site Type

This article will show you how to best interpret and use the information provided on the Revenue Summary by Site Type report.

Report Summary 

  •  This report summarizes charges for each Site Type and Daily Add-on type for reservations that occur over the specified date range.
  • This is a dynamic report meaning the data can change from one day to the next depending on what has taken place with your reservations. 
  • This is a managerial report, not a financial report meaning that it should be used to inform you of site type health or trends and also to help with forecasting. This report should not be used for financial reporting or paying taxes. Journal Entry reports are used for financial reporting. 
  •  This report can be downloaded in either CSV or PDF format. 
  • The column headers in this report are Class, Category, Site Type, # of Active Sites, Site Nights, Reservation Charges, Occupancy Fees, Pet Fees, Locked Site Fees, Surcharges, Discounts, Taxes and Cancellation Fees. 
  • Reservation Charges (column F) show the total charges for the cost of the sites for the nights booked.

  • The images below show the CSV version of this report 
    Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 12.56.54
    Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 12.57.01

Common Report Uses

  • See how currently booked reservations have an affect on future revenue by pulling the report for future dates. The future dates report will show you what your park should be earning in revenue for that date range based on the number of bookings you have today. 
  • Reservation Charges (column F) can be divided by Site Nights (column E) to see the average cost per night for a specific site type over the specified date range. 
  • All fees categories can be analyzed to give you an idea of which fees are earning you the most revenue and which are not. 

Reports to Compare With or Supplemental Reports

  • Revenue Summary by Site
  • Revenue Summary and Occupancy by Site Type
  • Revenue Summary and Occupancy by Site
  • Revenue Summary by Month
  • Rent Roll (Campsites Only)
  • Daily Revenue and Occupancy by Site Type

Common Report Questions 

Q: Why does this report not match with the Total Payments Received or Invoice Payment by Type report for the same dates? 

A: These reports should not be expected to match because they are reporting for different time frames even if the same dates are used. The Total Payments Received and Invoice Payment by Type reports show all payment (and refund) transactions that occurred over the specified date range. The Revenue Summary by Site Type Report provides revenue information for reservations that occur over the specified date range. Reservations that occur during the given time frame could have been paid for before or after the date range of the Revenue Summary by Site Type report and therefore the payment reports would not be reflected on the payment reports. 

The payment reports show payments and the Revenue Summary by Site Type report shows charges on a reservation. These charges may or may not have been paid for at the time of the report being pulled. 

Q: Why does this report show a different amount from the previous time I pulled it for the exact same dates (past or future)?

A: With this being a managerial and dynamic report, the data is not frozen in time like an accounting or financial report is.  If reservations were edited, cancelled, or added in the timeframe between when the reports were pulled, the data will change on the report to reflect this new information.