Reports - Reservation Item Originations by Date & Source

This article will show you how to best interpret and use the information provided on the Reservation Item Originations by Date & Source report.

Report Summary 

  • This report lists all reservations that originated over the specified date range with their origination date and source. All reservations whether confirmed or cancelled are shown on this report. 
  • Bookings for Sites and Daily Add-ons are all provided on this report.
  • The categories on the CSV version of the report are Park ID, Park, Origination Date, Guest Name, Reservation Status, Confirmation Number, Invoice, Arrival, Departure, Type, Site/Add-on Name, Reservation Source, CSR, Campsite Category 
  • The report Reservation Item Originations by Date & Source by Organization contains the same information but if your organization has multiple parks all data will be included together. 
  • Parks often schedule this report to be emailed to them everyday for the previous day's bookings.
  • This report is the only report that provides distinction between bookings made online through the consumer site, online through the marketplace, or marketplace bookings made through the Campspot app

The image below shows a section of the PDF version of this report. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 16.16.41Common Report Uses 

  • Determine which bookings were made online vs. over the phone to help analyze origination trends at certain times of year. 
  • Determine which Marketplace bookings were made online vs. on the Campspot app
  • Check how many reservations you will be charged for by Campspot (on a monthly basis) based on booking origination source.  
  • Determine how many bookings each CSR at your park is making. 
  • Check Site Type booking trends. 

Reports to Compare With or Supplemental Reports 

  • Rent Roll (Reporting Service) 
  • Reservation Details by Day 
  • Revenue Summary by Site Type (Reservation Origination Date) 

Common Report Questions

Q: What Does XXXX source mean? 

A: The different sources that may show on this report are as described below: 

Online - Reservations made through your consumer booking site. 

CSR - Reservations made through the admin site by someone at your park. CSR stands for Customer Service Representative 

Aggregator - Reservations made through our marketplace - 

MOBILE_AGRREGATOR - Reservations made through the marketplace via the Campspot app 

External - Reservations made through an integration such as the integration