Reports - Rent Roll (Reporting Service)

This article will show you how to best interpret and use the information provided on the Rent Roll (Reporting Service) report.

Report Summary 

  • This report lists all tent, RV, lodging, other site, and add-on reservations that overlap with the specified date range for parks within the organization.
  • There are multiple Rent Roll reports but the (Reporting Service) version does include payments and balance information and the others do not. 
  • Bookings for Sites and Daily Add-ons are all provided on this report. 
  • This report can only be downloaded in CSV format.
  • Multisite reservations show sites individually on this report and the invoice for those reservation is duplicated for each site. The Total Payments on Invoice column reflects the total payments for the entire invoice not just for the individual site.
  • The Total Payments on Invoice column reflects all payments associated with the invoice and not just those for the dates of stay that the report is run for. 
  • All charges on this report reflect the entire reservation and not just the dates of stay that the report is run for. 
  • The report Rent Roll by Organization (Reporting Service) contains the same information but if your organization has multiple parks in it, all parks' data will be included in that report.
  • The images below show an example of this report.

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 15.28.41

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 15.29.01

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 15.29.12

Common Report Uses 

  • Find a list of all pre-paid reservations for a certain date range. 
  • Find a list of guests staying over a certain date range that have a balance owed. 
  • Find a list of guest emails to send an email message for guests staying for a certain date range.
  • Use the number of nights (column H) to calculate your average stay length over a certain time frame. This information can also be used to look at how many longterm or transient reservations you have. 
  • Use Origination Date (column C) to get insight into revenue pacing. You can sort this column and see when the majority of your bookings (over a given date range) were originally booked. This is helpful when looking at an entire season. 
  • Use Reservation Charges and the next five columns (column Q-V) to see reservation charges broken out and categorized to help show you what your reservation charge trends are. 

Reports to Compare With or Supplemental Reports 

  • Rent Roll (campsites only) 
  • Rent Roll (add-ons only) 
  • Rent Roll by Organization (Reporting Service) 

Common Report Questions

Q: What effect does the "As Of Date" have on the data shown the report? 

A: Because this report contains payment and balance information, the as of date is important to keep in mind because payments and balances may have changed after the specified as of date. 

Q: Why doesn't the Total Payments amount match the amount on my Total Payments Received or Invoice Payment by Type reports for the same dates? 

A: These reports provide data from different times and while it is possible that they may match, it should not be expected that they do. The Rent Roll (Reporting Service) report shows data for reservations that occur over the specified date range and the Total Payments Received and Invoice Payment by Type reports shows data for payments taken over the specified date range. If payments were taken prior to the date that the reservations occur then these numbers would not match. 

Q: What charges does the Other Charges category consist of? 

A: This column on the report totals all charges that are not broken out in their own column already. These charges could be cancellation fees (if another site or add-on was cancelled on the same reservation) and fees from other sites are on the same reservation but not part of the same time period. 

Q: Can I use this report as a financial report? 

A: While this report can provide valuable insight into payments and charges, it should not be used as a financial or accounting purposes because payments, total charges and taxes reported are for the entire reservation. Journal Entry reports are recommended for all financial and tax reporting.