Park Setup

Reports - Financial Account Mappings

This article will show you how to best interpret and use the information provided on the Financial Account Mappings report.

Report Summary 

  • This report lists the financial account currently mapped to each payment method, business rule, system account site type package and POS category in Campspot. 
  • This report can only be downloaded in CSV version. 
  • The categories on this report are Mapped Item Name, Financial Account, Deferred Revenue Account Cost of Goods Account, Inventory Account, Write Off Account, Financial Mapping Location
  • The Financial Mapping Location category (column G) provides the location of the mapped item within Campspot. Follow the path listed in that category to locate the item you are seeking. Once located, you can change the mapping if desired. 
  • This is a dynamic report and will change following any mapping updates. To view the latest information you will need to download the report following any changes. 

Common Report Uses

  • Follow this report as you complete Custom Financial Account mapping for your campground 
  • Check current financial account mapping for accuracy by viewing all accounts and mapped items in one place. 
  • Easily view the location of any item that has a connected financial account in Campspot.

Reports to Compare With or Supplemental Reports 

  • Journal Entry reports - these will show the custom accounts that you have created after completing financial account mapping 

Common Report Questions

Q: How can I change the financial accounts mapped to certain items on this report? 

A: Mapping changes cannot be completed within the report as the report is meant to be a guide to help complete financial account mapping or make other mapping changes. To make changes you should go to the location of the item in Campspot and select the new account there. 

Q: How can I delete financial accounts? 

A: Financial accounts cannot be deleted, however, they can be deactivated. This is done through the following steps: 

1. Select Campground Setup from the main navigation at the top left 

2. Go to accounting towards the top right

3. On the Financial Accounts page, scroll to find the account you'd like to deactivate and click the check box next to that account

4. Select the Deactivate button at the top right 

Note: If an account is deactivated it can be reactivated by scrolling down the Inactive Accounts list, selecting the check box next to the account and then clicking the Activate button towards the top right.

Q: Why do some accounts in the list not have anything listed in the Cost of Goods Account, Inventory Account or Write Off Account columns? 

A: These columns will only have information in them for POS inventory items as those are the only items within Campspot that have those categories of accounts attached to them. 

Q: Why don't the Financial Accounts on this report match the ones in the accounting software that my company uses? 

A: In order for the accounts in Campspot to match those in your accounting software you must create those accounts through Campground Setup > Accounting > Financial Accounts.  Financial Account Mapping should also be completed after creating the accounts. 

Q: What does it mean when an account name on this report begins with the word 'unmapped'?

A: You may see 'unmapped' in the name of some of the default POS and payment asset/liability accounts set up in Campspot and these do not indicate that the accounts are actually unmapped. These accounts are titled this way to show that they are default Campspot accounts. Your park may choose to create custom accounts to map these to or you may choose to use these pre-existing accounts. 

Q: Looking at the Financial Account Mappings report I see that all of my revenue types are currently going to General Revenue or RV Site Revenue. Is it possible to separate the campsite revenue by daily, weekly, monthly and specials or promos?

A: Yes. Campspot automatically uses the financial account that is mapped in Campground Setup > Unit Setup and applies that to all packages assigned to the Site Type. By default that is set to General Revenue. If you would like to see the revenue separated into different categories you would can edit and apply custom accounts that you create. This is done through Reports > Accounting. You would then scroll down and click on each Site Type and edit the accounts in the drop-down that appears.