Who's in the Park Report: Overview

Learn more about the Who's in the Park report and how it can be leveraged to enhance your day-to-day planning.

Current Guest List (Legacy Version):

As of March 2024, we're introducing a new report to replace the Current Guest List, called the Who's in the Park Report. The previous Current Guest List (Legacy Version) will remain accessible until July 01, 2024, before it is retired.

If you currently utilize the Schedule Report function, ensure you make the necessary adjustments. Click here for detailed instructions:

Who's in the Park Report Overview

The Who's in the Park Report offers a detailed overview of guests currently present in the park, featuring reservation notes, guest contact information, site details, occupancy, pet count, turnover status, and custom fields defined by the park.

Accessing the Report

Access the Who's in the Park Report from both the Front Desk and the Reporting page. While the Front Desk allows for single-day reports, the Reporting page enables selection of broader date ranges, ideal for comprehensive analysis, particularly during peak periods like busy holiday weekends.

Download Options

The Who's in the Park Report is available in both PDF and CSV formats, offering flexibility in data manipulation and presentation. The PDF format is tailored for printing, providing essential information in a concise, printer-friendly layout.

    Common Report Uses

    • Guest Details: Quickly access guest contact information and reservation notes for real-time communication and guest management.
    • Site Information: Obtain detailed site information, including occupancy, pet count, and turnover status, aiding in site management and preparation.
    • Custom Field Analysis: Utilize custom fields defined by the park for specialized reporting and data analysis, tailored to specific park requirements.
    • Occupancy Monitoring: Monitor park occupancy levels to ensure efficient resource allocation and strategic decision-making.

    Supplemental Reports 

    • Departures Report: Provides a comprehensive snapshot of anticipated guest departures within a specified date range, featuring essential details such as guest names, reserved sites, and other pertinent information.
    • Daily Occupancy Arrivals and Departures: Providing a comprehensive overview of daily occupancy changes, facilitating strategic decision-making.