Rate Groups

Rate Groups: FAQ

Learn more about using Rate Groups Occupancy Surcharges to provide overrides to occupancy based surcharges.


Rate Groups in Campspot empower users to customize additional people fees through Occupancy Surcharges. These surcharges, found in the rules setup, offer the user more flexibility in defining Occupancy Based Surcharges, allowing precise adjustments (or automatic overrides) for specific timeframes. By assigning Date Groups, users can further refine when these surcharges apply, enhancing strategic pricing strategies.

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Rate Groups: Setup and functional examples

Q: What are Rate Groups in Campspot?

Rate Groups in Campspot allow you to set up Occupancy Surcharges, enabling adjustments to additional people fees for specific timeframes. These surcharges are then applied to Occupancy-based Fees rules.

Q: What is the difference between Occupancy Based Surcharges and Occupancy Surcharges?

  • Occupancy Based Surcharges: Rules that apply fees based on the number of occupants (adults and/or children) in reservations, and they can be found in Pricing Rules. If you charge for additional people, your park will have at least 1 of these rules set up.
  • Occupancy Surcharges: found under Rate Groups within your rules setup, can you provide a little more customization to how, when, and what you charge for additional people by overriding the existing Occupancy Based Surcharge Pricing Rule for the date range defined by the Date Group.

Please Note: Once a Occupancy Surcharge is defined, it must be assigned to an Occupancy Based Surcharge to be active.

Q: How do Occupancy Surcharges work with Date Groups?

Date Groups define specific date sets, such as Seasonality, Holidays, or Events. In Occupancy Surcharges setup, users assign Date Groups to specify when additional people fees should be overridden, adding a layer of flexibility to the pricing strategy.

Q: Can you provide some examples of how to use Rate Groups Occupancy Surcharges?

Here are a few examples:

  1. Increase additional people fees during peak summer, but only June 15 - July 30. My existing Date Group defines Peak Summer as May 31 - August 30.
  2. Override regular additional people charges during the off-season only for weekdays as part of a promotion, while keeping weekend fees unchanged. Apply this only to RV sites.
  3. There is a local music event coming to town. I want to charge a premium for guests staying on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in my cabins during the event with no people included in the rate.
All of these can be achieved by using Rate Groups Occupancy Surcharges to be applied to Occupancy Based Surcharges to meet your strategy.