Point of Sale: Setup

Learn the steps required to set up your POS within Campspot.


This guide navigates you through the seamless setup of your internal Point of Sale (POS) system, integrating non-reservation sales and effective inventory tracking for your Camp Store. From creating locations to mapping financial accounts, generating categories, setting up taxes, adding inventory items, and incorporating terminals, this step-by-step walkthrough ensures a tailored and efficient POS foundation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, follow these instructions for a smooth and streamlined POS experience.

Campspot's Point of Sale

The Point of Sale (POS) feature is your go-to solution for non-reservation sales and efficient inventory tracking at your park.

To watch a webinar walkthrough of the setup of a Point of Sale [VISIT HERE].

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your internal POS system seamlessly:

  1. Add a Location
  2. Map System Financial Accounts
  3. Create Categories
  4. Create POS Taxes
  5. Add Products
  6. Add a Terminal
  7. Additional Resources

Step 1: Add a Location

  • Navigate to Point of Sale
  • Click on the Admin tab.
  • Select the Locations page.
  • Click Add Location
You can have multiple locations, easily identifiable with recommended titles. Locations are the physical places your POS will be used.

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The Online Store Add-ons location is preset for Online Store Add-ons and not standard POS sales.

Learn more about Online Store Add-ons feature.

The clip below shows the process of creating a location.

Step 2: Map System Financial Accounts

  • Navigate to the Accounting tab.
  • Map system financial accounts to streamline the POS setup process.
  • Ensure accurate mapping for POS categories in subsequent steps.

Note: If you have created custom financial accounts and would like to map categories of items to those, you can do that at the end of the complete POS setup.

System Accounts:

Map all system accounts to their corresponding titles. Corresponding system accounts have 'Unmapped' in the title.

Refer to the image below for an illustration of the POS accounting page after remapping system accounts to existing or custom financial accounts.

Step 3: Create Categories 

  • Navigate to the Admin tab.
  • Select Categories.
  • Group items for reporting or accounting purposes.
  • Category colors are for display on the Categories page.

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The image below shows a park with multiple categories created.

Step 4: Create POS Taxes

  • From the Admin tab, select Taxes.
  • Choose clear names for customer receipts.
  • Map taxes to the preferred Financial Accounts for accurate reporting.

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Example: The image below shows the Add Tax modal complete with the details of a 6% State Sales Tax that we are not allowing to be exemptible.

Step 5: Add Products

  • Navigate to the Inventory tab
  • Select the Products page
  • Create Products

Additional Support:

If this is your initial POS setup, you do have the option for Campspot to upload your POS via an import. Please contact support for additional details.

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The clip below shows the process of manually adding an item to inventory. 

Note: At this point you can also add Inventory, Reorder Points and Reorder Quantity. However, it is recommended that you do this during an Inventory Count or receive the Inventory through a Purchase Order to have accurate Cost Of Goods Sold.


Step 6: Add a Terminal 

  • Follow instructions provided by your integrated Card Processor.
  • Ensure a successful setup and connectivity before adding the terminal to Campspot POS.
  • Upon successful setup, click on the Admin tab
  • Select the Terminal page.

While it is not required, it is recommended that if you use the Point of Sale you purchase a terminal through your integrated Card Processor. If you would like complete POS payments and refunds in Campspot via Credit Card Terminal, you will need to purchase a terminal through your card processor.

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The image below shows the Add Terminal modal.

Additional Resources:

Point of Sale Hardware

To learn about the various hardware campgrounds use when running their camp store, check out this article: Point of Sale: Essential Hardware Recommendations.