Reservation Billing Tab - Payments & Invoice History

The information in the Payments and Invoice History sections of the Billing tab provides insight into what has taken place with the funds on each reservation. Below, learn to better understand the information provided in these sections.

Accessing The Information 

The Payments and Invoice History sub-sections are located at the bottom of the Billing tab of each Reservation Summary.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 16.39.36


In most cases, any payment made on an invoice is applied to the invoice balance as a whole. To learn about specific charges that cause payments to apply differently, visit [THIS ARTICLE].

Regardless of which invoice items the payment applies to, the Payments sub-section lists all payments and most refunds associated with the reservation. Each transaction will include the date, method and amount. A positive number indicates a payment and a negative number indicates a refund.

The image below shows two Credit Card payments of $1,858.27 and $217.62. It also shows two refunds, one of $65.72 to User Credit and one of $106.75 to Camp Credit. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.50.00

The image below shows a Credit Card payment of $640.60 and a Check refund of $28.40. The refund includes a note that was added by the park. 
Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.53.52

Tip: Notes on payments and refunds are used internally for parks and your guests are unable to see them. 


Depending on the Payment Method listed in the Method column, the refund may have gone back to the guest or it may have gone to User or Camp Credit. A refund to User Credit shown in the Payments sub-section does not indicate that a refund has gone back to the guest. Refunds must be processed manually by your park apart from some refunds done through the Online Cancellations feature.

Locating Refunds

Not all refunds will show up in the Payments sub-section. When you know that a refund was issued but you do not see record of it in Payments, the first place to look is in the customer's Guest Profile under Account History.

Refunds of money in User Credit can be easily processed right from the Guest Profile. When this happens, the Refund is recorded on the Guest Profile rather than directly on the reservation.

The clip below shows the steps of locating a refund on a guest's profile.

Invoice History 

The Invoice History sub-section lists changes made to the invoice such as payments, refunds, promo code/discounts applied and other edits made to invoice charges. Each entry includes a time stamp, the user that made the change, a description of the change, the change amount and what the outstanding balance was due to the change.

Invoice History is listed in reverse chronological order. This means that the first event that occurred on the invoice is at the bottom of the list and the most recent occurrence is at the top. This is shown in the image below. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 14.58.34

Changes to invoices will either increase, decrease or keep the invoice cost the same. A positive number in Invoice History indicates a change that increased the balance and a negative number indicates a change that decreased the balance. A change to an invoice such as moving a reservation to another site within the same Site Type may not change the invoice cost and would show $0 in the Amount column.

The image below shows examples of Invoice History with both increases and decreases to the invoice balance. 

Decreases To An Invoice Balance 

A decrease to an Invoice balance could be caused by editing reservation dates or Site Type, cancelling a reservation, manually changing pricing on invoice items, voiding invoice items, applying promos/discounts, or by adding a payment.

The image below shows the following invoice decreases:

  • -$500 due to a payment
  • -$20 due to a firewood bundle being voided
  • -$54.12 due to an RV Storage site being cancelled

Increases To An Invoice Balance

Increases to invoice balances can be caused by extending reservation dates, moving a reservation to a new Site Type, adding more sites or add-ons to a reservation, adding Miscellaneous charges, issuing refunds, removing promos/discounts, or by manually changing pricing on reservation items.

The image below shows the following invoice increases:

  • $11 due to extending reservation dates
  • $197.02 due to a Golf Cart Add-on
  • $182 due to a refund