Reservation Billing & Invoicing

Reservation Billing Tab: Understanding Payments & Invoice History

A Comprehensive Guide to Tracking Payments, Refunds, and Invoice History.


Explore the Payments and Invoice History sub-sections at the bottom of the Billing tab in each Reservation Summary. This detailed guide provides insights into tracking payments, refunds, and changes to invoices, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of financial transactions.


  • Track and manage payments and refunds associated with reservations.
  • Gain transparency into the history of changes made to invoices.
  • Identify reasons for increases or decreases in the invoice balance.

Payments & Invoice History

The Payments and Invoice History sub-sections are conveniently located at the bottom of the Billing tab in each Reservation Summary.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 16.39.36


In most cases, payments made on an invoice are applied to the overall invoice balance. The Payments sub-section lists all payments and refunds associated with the reservation, displaying details like date, method, and amount. Positive numbers represent payments, while negative numbers indicate refunds.

Tip: Internal notes on payments and refunds aid park management, remaining unseen by guests.

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To learn about specific charges that cause payments to apply differently, check out: Navigating Unique Invoice Changes

The image below shows two Credit Card payments of $1,858.27 and $217.62. It also shows two refunds, one of $65.72 to User Credit and one of $106.75 to Camp Credit. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.50.00

The image below shows a Credit Card payment of $640.60 and a Check refund of $28.40. The refund includes a note that was added by the park. 
Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.53.52


Refunds may go back to the guest, User Credit, or Camp Credit, depending on the Payment Method. Refunds processed to User Credit appear in the Payments sub-section but don't indicate a direct guest refund. Not all refunds show up here; check the customer's Guest Profile under Account History for comprehensive records.


Watch the clip below for a step-by-step guide on locating refunds on a guest's profile.

Invoice History 

The Invoice History sub-section chronicles changes made to the invoice, including payments, refunds, promo code/discounts, and other edits. Entries display timestamps, user details, change descriptions, amounts, and resulting outstanding balances. Listed in reverse chronological order, it provides a clear timeline of events.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 14.58.34

  • Changes to invoices will either increase, decrease or keep the invoice cost the same.
    • A positive number in Invoice History indicates a change that increased the balance.
    • A negative number indicates a change that decreased the balance.
    • A change to an invoice such as moving a reservation to another site within the same Site Type may not change the invoice cost and would show $0 in the Amount column.

The image below shows examples of Invoice History with both increases and decreases to the invoice balance. 

Most Common FAQ:

Q: How are payments and refunds displayed in the Payments sub-section?

Payments are represented as positive numbers, while refunds are indicated as negative numbers, with details on date, method, and amount.

Q: Where can I find refunds not visible in the Payments sub-section?

Check the customer's Guest Profile under Account History, especially for refunds processed directly to User Credit.

Q: How is Invoice History organized?

Invoice History is listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent changes at the top, offering a clear timeline of events.

Q: What does a positive or negative number in Invoice History indicate?

A positive number signifies an increase in the invoice balance, while a negative number indicates a decrease, reflecting changes such as payments, voids, cancellations, or adjustments.

Q: What actions can cause a decrease in an invoice balance?

Editing reservation details, cancelling a reservation, voiding items, applying discounts, or adding payments can contribute to a decrease in the invoice balance.

Example: The image below shows the following invoice decreases:

  • -$500 due to a payment
  • -$20 due to a firewood bundle being voided
  • -$54.12 due to an RV Storage site being cancelled

Q: What actions can cause an increase in an invoice balance?

Increases to invoice balances can be caused by extending reservation dates, moving a reservation to a new Site Type, adding more sites or add-ons to a reservation, adding Miscellaneous charges, issuing refunds, removing promos/discounts, or by manually changing pricing on reservation items.

Example: The image below shows the following invoice increases:

  • $11 due to extending reservation dates
  • $197.02 due to a Golf Cart Add-on
  • $182 due to a refund