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Feature Overview: Override Rules

Learn more about Campspot's feature enabling users to override booking rules during the reservation process.


Campspot's Booking Rules feature allows parks to set up various rules, such as length of stay requirements and occupancy limits, to align with their business strategies. Users can override these rules when necessary to view available inventory. This article provides an overview of the feature and directs users to learn more about how to use it effectively as well as how User Management plays a role in this feature.


  • Customize reservation parameters: Tailor booking rules to suit specific needs.
  • Ensure alignment with business strategy: Implement rules that support the park's objectives.
  • Provide flexibility for users: Allow users to adjust rules as needed.
  • Streamline reservation modifications: Simplify the process of editing existing reservations.
  • Adapt to changing needs: Modify rules to accommodate evolving requirements.

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Overriding Booking Rules:

In Campspot's booking system, rules are established to align with a park's business strategy. These rules, set by park managers or Admin Site Administrators, govern which sites are available for booking based on parameters such as length of stay requirements or occupancy limits.

When to Override Rules:

There are situations during the booking process where users may need to override these rules to view available inventory. This could occur when:

  • Executing a New Reservation search
  • Editing an Existing Reservation
  • Managing Daily Add-On Reservations

How it works:

If sites meeting booking rule requirements are available but not displayed during a search, users have the ability to Override Rules. This ensures all available inventory is accessible, even if it doesn't meet standard rule criteria.

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Override Rules and User Management:

In Campspot, all users have access to the Override Rules feature, but the extent of functionality available depends on your system setup and user permissions. If certain User Permissions are restricted in your User Profile, you may still see the Override Rules button, but managerial credentials will be required to complete the override and proceed with the reservation search.

Example Scenario:

Consider a situation where a user needs to override booking rules to view available inventory. If their User Profile lacks necessary permissions, they can initiate the override process, but managerial approval will be necessary to finalize the action.

Below is an example of the previously mentioned prompt.

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 12.46.58 PM

Rule Override Tasks in User Management:

Campspot offers three specific rules related to override tasks in User Management:

  1. Manage Override Requests
  2. Override Reservation Rules
  3. Override Add-On Rules
Override Rules - User Management

User Permissions:

Please note that user permissions for your property are determined by management and can be adjusted to suit operational needs and security requirements.