OTA Inventory Management: How to manage default inventory

Learn how to manage your OTA Inventory Allotment in Campspot by customizing default inventory.


Managing inventory allotments for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) through integrations offers users the flexibility to refine booking strategies effectively. This article guides users on customizing default inventory allotments, ensuring seamless customization for OTA bookings. Learn how to navigate the Configure Allotments settings and edit default allotments to optimize your park setup for enhanced booking control.


  • Customize Default Inventory Allotments: Tailor your park's default allotments for OTAs based on your preferences.

Empowering Your OTA Strategy - Customize Default Limits

Once you've completed the integration with your preferred OTA(s), the number of sites allocated to your OTA partners will be established through the integration setup. You hold the power to fine-tune the Default number of sites allocated to the OTA. Below, discover step-by-step instructions on how to adjust this default number according to your preferences:


Step 1: Navigate to Configure Allotments settings

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup
  2. Click on the Integrations tab
  3. Scroll down and click on Configure Allotments button

Configure Allotments button4. You will be redirected to the configuration page (example below).

Configure Allotment Page

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Step 2: Edit Default Allotment

  1. Click the icon to the right with the 3 dots
  2. Select Edit Default Allotment
  3. Adjust Default Inventory Allotted to OTA based on your preferences
  4. Click Update Default to save changes.

Edit Default Allotments dialog

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Most Common FAQ:

Q: If Site Type Inventory changes in my park's Unit Setup, will the default sites made available to the OTA also be updated?

If your site type inventory changes, you will need to update the allotments page as well.

Q: How many sites am I required to allot to OTAs for bookings?

There is no set number of required sites. 

Q: How does Campspot prevent overbookings or double bookings with an OTA?

To optimize the booking process and prevent overbookings, Campspot employs a strategic approach when displaying availability on OTAs.

While we update inventory frequently through our OTA integration, it's not instantaneous. If your site type sends the default value of all inventory with no overrides, we reserve one site to prevent booking the last available unit before updates.

Once the site type only has one available, we no longer hold back any inventory. If overrides are added for inventory, we will respect the full amount and not hold one back as we assume that all should be sent and available for booking.

We respect specific site allotments and ensure the designated number is available for OTAs. Unique single-unit site types are not reserved for park-only use and remain available for booking on integrated OTAs.

Q: Why is managing inventory allotments for OTAs important for my strategy?

Managing inventory allotments for OTAs is crucial for campground owners as it provides the flexibility to refine booking strategies, enhancing overall booking control and satisfaction.

Q: How does the integration with OTAs affect the number of sites allocated to partners?

Once the integration is completed with preferred OTAs, the number of sites allocated to partners is determined through the integration setup. You have the ability to fine-tune the default number according to your preferences.