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Online Travel Agent (OTA): General Information

Find general information about Campspot's OTA functionality, partners, and more.


This article provides an in-depth exploration of Campspot's integration with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), offering campground owners insights into the following:

Online Travel Agents (OTA)

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) serve as essential partners in the camping industry, guiding guests to memorable outdoor experiences. Campspot goes beyond offering access to Campspot Marketplace, the industry's largest camping-specific OTA, by partnering with top OTAs to provide an array of inventory options for campground owners.

Understanding OTA Integration

How does OTA Integration work?

OTA integration is a streamlined process facilitated by Campspot, your property management system. Campspot communicates real-time updates on room inventory and rates directly to OTA partners, ensuring that your listings are always accurate and up to date.

Benefits of Partnering with OTAs:

  • Increased Visibility & Expanded Reach: Listing your park on OTAs exposes it to a broader audience, including potential guests from different regions and markets.
  • Marketing Opportunities: OTAs often offer marketing tools and promotions, helping properties stand out and attract more bookings.

Learn more! Check out this link to learn even more about Campspot's OTA offerings:

Campspot OTA Integrations

Given your parks specific needs, Campspot has integrations to fit your needs, including (click on any to find additional resources):

  1. Campspot Marketplace
  2. Airbnb
  3. Booking.com
  4. BnBerry: Airbnb and VRBO

How much does an OTA Integration Cost?

Campspot facilitates seamless integration with various OTAs without imposing setup costs. The breakdown below details the monthly fees associated with each integration paid to Campspot. Click on any integration for setup instructions and FAQ resources.

Please note:

Prior to signing an agreement with an OTA partner, you will receive detailed information about the fees they charge. Please be aware that Campspot is not responsible for any charges or fees generated by an OTA partner.

Campspot Marketplace
  • No setup cost for listing.

  • No additional booking fees. The existing 10% commission rate for bookings made through Campspot.com stays consistent, preserving your pricing structure.

  • Campspot charges a $10 per month per park fee to access these integrations. (This fee is not a per integration fee but inclusive of all select integrations set up.)
  • Your existing Campspot online booking fee applies to any reservation made through the OTA service.
  • Additional fees or commissions from the OTA will be communicated during their sign-up process.
BnBerry: Airbnb and VRBO

Please note:

If you are already taking advantage of another select integration for your park, there are no additional Campspot-specific setup costs. Additional setup fees or costs may be specific to each OTA.

Campspot Functionality: Communication with OTA Partners

Campspot communicates directly with integrated OTA partners to keep your listing up to date and keep your Admin Site updated with changes to reservations.

Below, we detail what information is automatically shared between Campspot and OTA partners, streamlining the reservation process. However, please note that while certain updates are communicated, not all changes made in your Admin Site are shared with OTA partners, requiring manual adjustments in their respective portals.

Please note:

Campspot communicates certain updates with OTA partners nightly, resulting in a lag in updates to your listing on their sites.


Discover shared features and functionality from your Admin Site's setup, including:


Base Pricing: Campspot communicates with the integration partners to provide updates on Site Type Base Pricing.

Dynamic Pricing: Rates impacted by your Dynamic Pricing rules rules are also communicated.

Taxes: Set up during the onboarding process with the OTA and are managed directly through their portal.


OTA Fees

COMING SOON! Set up customized OTA fees directly within your Admin Site to ensure consistency and efficiency. These OTA fees are seamlessly communicated with your OTA partners.

Booking Rules

The following rules are shared through the integration:

Unit Setup

Sites being listed are set up during onboarding with the OTA partner.

Please note: Changes made to Sites in your Admin Site should also be updated in the OTA partner's portal if the changes are applicable to the listed units.

OTA Inventory Configuration

Manage your OTA site inventory in your Admin Site.

Please note: If changes are made to the number of sites available within a Site Type that is also available for an OTA booking, ensure that corresponding adjustments are verified in your OTA Inventory Configuration.

Managing OTA Reservations

Gain a better understanding of common reservation tasks in the OTA and their updates in your Admin Site, including:

Booking Reservations

As a guest places a reservation through an OTA, the reservation will automatically be added to your system.

Please note: OTA's do not support site selection. Guests needing specific sites should contact you directly to manually apply a Site Lock within the Reservation Summary.

Cancellations When a cancellation is made through an OTA, the reservation will be cancelled in your Admin Site.

Note about Campspot Marketplace:

Campspot's Marketplace operates seamlessly, managed directly by Campspot, ensuring all features and functionality mirror those of your park's Consumer Sites, managed through the Admin Site.