Online Booking API FAQ

The Campspot Online Booking API offers campgrounds the option to power their own fully branded and customizable booking experience using Campspot's open Online Booking API.

Whether you are looking to offer guests a more robust booking experience, to aggregate inventory across multiple parks into a single booking engine, or interested in accessing integrations available within the Campspot API to power your park needs, the Campspot Online Booking API can help you achieve your goals. 

What is the Online Booking API?

This is access to the API that powers Campspot's Direct Booking and Marketplace applications. This will allow you to build a customized online booking and reservation engine fit to your brand. 

What is the cost to use this API? 

The cost of the online Booking API starts at $7500. To learn more about API pricing, please contact us at

Can anyone use this? 

This API can be used by any Campspot park that is actively participating the Campspot Marketplace. While this can be used by any size park or organization, the setup, management and oversight of the API will require a dedicated technical team.

How can I signup? 

To learn more or signup for the Online Booking API, contact us at Our team will respond and begin the process with you. 

Does Campspot build a custom site for me if I purchase the API? 

No, you are responsible for the development and hosting of your site whether that be with in-house developers or a consulting firm. Campspot only provides the API. 

Does this include a site template? 

No, the Online Booking API is not a site templating engine. 

How long does it take to develop my own custom site? 

The specific amount of time will be dependent upon the size and experience level of the development team you use, however, average times are likely around 3-4 months of development to get a fully functional product. 

Note: Users of the Campspot Online Booking API must include a “Powered By” hyperlink to on footer of every page of their custom sites.

What can I do with the API?

  • Build your own fully customized booking experience

    • Connects directly to the Management Platform for real time pricing, availability, updates.

  • Aggregate availability for multiple parks within your organization into a single booking experience

    • Leverage multi-park availability/pricing searches to provide a unified branded search for parks within your organization.

  • Get all the Campspot booking tech/complexities for your own site

    • Proprietary Tech Behind API:

      • Proprietary Site Optimization Algorithm

      • Proprietary Search Algorithms

      • Best or Preferred Fit

      • Session Pricing / Lookups

      • Site Holds / Rebooking

      • Lock Site

      • Dynamic Pricing

      • All same rules/features available in Campspot’s system power our Online Booking API.

    • Leverage Integrations already built into the Campspot API at no additional cost.

      • Payment Provider (Card Connect) Integration. We take care of the payment processing.

      • All Images provided are optimized for speed and quality via AWS Cloudfront.

      • Get access to Location Search API powered by Mapbox

      • IPData Integration - IP Lookup API

      • Tripadvisor Integration - Ratings API

    • Get access to Campspot Media Content → Park Images / Descriptions.

    • Access to new features as they rollout - we are constantly improving our product - adding new and exciting features for you to use