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Online Booking API: Setup Guide and FAQ

Empower campgrounds to elevate their booking experience with Campspot's open Online Booking API, providing full customization, real-time connectivity, and integrated features for an unparalleled reservation engine.


Campspot's Online Booking API empowers parks to craft a personalized booking experience, aggregate inventory seamlessly, and integrate powerful features for a tailored reservation engine. From real-time connectivity to integrated services and future-proof access, the API ensures your park's booking engine stays cutting-edge.


  1. Customized Booking Experience: Build a fully customized booking interface tailored to your brand.
  2. Real-Time Connectivity: Connect directly to the Management Platform for real-time pricing, availability updates, and leverage proprietary algorithms for optimization.
  3. Multi-Park Aggregation: Aggregate availability for multiple parks within your organization into a unified, branded search experience.
  4. Tech and Features: Access Campspot's proprietary technology, including search algorithms, dynamic pricing, session pricing, site holds, rebooking, and more.
  5. Integrated Services: Leverage integrated services at no additional cost, including Payment Provider (Card Connect), Location Search API, IPData Integration, TripAdvisor Integration, and Campspot Media Content.
  6. Future-Proof Access: Stay updated with access to new features as they are rolled out, ensuring your booking engine remains cutting-edge.

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To learn more or signup for the Online Booking API, contact us at Our team will respond and begin the process with you. 

Most Common FAQ:

Q: What is the Online Booking API?

The Online Booking API provides access to the technology that drives Campspot's Direct Booking and Marketplace applications, enabling you to create a customized online booking and reservation engine tailored to your brand. 

Q: What is the cost to use this API? 

The Online Booking API starts at $7500. For detailed pricing information, please contact us at

Q: Can anyone use this? 

The API is available to any Campspot park actively participating in the Campspot Marketplace. While it's suitable for parks of any size, successful setup, management, and oversight will require a dedicated technical team.

Q: Does Campspot build a custom site for me if I purchase the API? 

Every park is unique. You will have a vision for how your site should look. You are responsible for developing and hosting your site, whether with in-house developers or a consulting firm. Campspot provides the API only. 

Q: Does this include a site template? 

No, the Online Booking API is not a site templating engine. 

Q: How long does it take to develop my own custom site? 

Development time varies based on your team's size and experience. On average, expect 3-4 months for a fully functional product. 

Note: Users of the Campspot Online Booking API must include a “Powered By” hyperlink to on footer of every page of their custom sites.

Q: What can I do with the API?

  • Build a fully customized booking experience.

  • Connect directly to the Management Platform for real-time pricing, availability, and updates.

  • Aggregate availability for multiple parks into a single booking experience.

  • Leverage multi-park availability/pricing searches for a unified branded search.

  • Access all Campspot booking technology and complexities for your site.

Q: What proprietary technologies power the API?

  • Site Optimization Algorithm
  • Search Algorithms
  • Best or Preferred Fit
  • Session Pricing / Lookups
  • Site Holds / Rebooking
  • Lock Site
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • All same rules/features available in Campspot’s system.

Q: Are there integrated features in the API?

Yes, the API includes integrated features at no additional cost, such as Payment Provider (Card Connect) Integration, Location Search API (powered by Mapbox), IPData Integration (IP Lookup API), Tripadvisor Integration (Ratings API), and access to Campspot Media Content (Park Images/Descriptions).

Q: Do I get access to new features as they roll out?

Yes, as we continually improve our product, you gain access to new and exciting features for your use.