Occupancy-based Fees: Rule Setup

Learn how to apply automatic charges for additional people on reservations.


Explore the Occupancy-based Fees rule, a powerful tool to determine charges for each occupant based on their Age Group. This rule not only offers flexibility in defining fees but also allows exemptions for certain occupants, enabling a comprehensive pricing strategy.


  • Automate Fee Assignments: Automatically assign fees based on the number of occupants (adults and/or children).

  • Alternative Fee Schedules: Implement alternative fee schedules using Rate Groups for specific stay dates.

  • Targeted Application: Define site types and stay length requirements for a targeted fee application.

  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: Set surcharges per occupant in each age category for enhanced revenue.

  • Optimized Free People Allocation: Utilize the wildcard option to optimize free people allocation across age categories.

  • Surcharges with Caps: Cap surcharges based on options like per person or per age group.

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Setup Instructions:

Step 1: Find the Rule on the Pricing page

  1. Navigate to the Rules page
  2. Click on the Pricing tab
  3. Select the Occupancy-based Fees Rule

Step 2: Complete New Variation Form

  1. On the rule page, click New Variation.
  2. Complete the form.

Occupancy-based Fee Form 1Occupancy-based Fee Form 2

Variation Name

Choose a descriptive name for easy identification.

Active Dates

Assigning a Date Group to Active Dates allows you define when a rule should apply.

Rate Groups A rate group applies an alternative fee schedule based on the stay dates of a reservation. Click in the rate group field and choose an active rate group from the list to add. Rate groups are configured in the Rate Group section.
Site Types Define which site types the rule applies to.
If Stay is _ to _ night(s)...

The stay length requirement configurations are defined as follows:

  • Greater than (no repeat) – the reservation must be for more than the nights entered for the rule to apply.
  • Equal to (repeats) – the reservation must be for exactly the number of nights entered for the rule to apply and it can repeat if the requirements are met multiple times.
  • Equal to (no repeat) – the reservation must be for exactly the number of nights entered for the rule to apply and it cannot repeat no matter the number of nights the guest is staying.
  • Less than (no repeat) – the reservation must be for less than the nights entered for the rule to apply.

Then select the number of night(s).

and is booked _ to _ days prior to arrival. Define the booking window the rule will apply.
# of free people This specifies the number of free people for each active age category. If the age category is blank, the number of free people should be left at zero.
Wildcard The wildcard when selected for an age categories allows the other age categories to borrow unused free people from that age category.

M, T, W, Th, F, S, Su


This table represents the daily surcharge per occupant in each age category to be applied after all free occupants have been used.
Surcharge applies to _

The duration requirement configurations are defined as follows:

  • Every day - the surcharge applies to the entirety of the reservation.
  • Eligible period - the surcharge applies to a specified number of nights of a reservation.
Occupancy surcharge price cap applies _

If the surcharge is capped, the value entered will cap the surcharge based on the applicable price cap option. The price cap options are defined as follows:

  • not at all - the total occupancy surcharge is not capped.
  • per person
  • per age group
  • per all age groups

Most Common FAQ:

Q: Can I apply different fees for adults and children?

Yes, customize charges based on age categories.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of variations I can create?

No, create multiple variations for different scenarios based on things like seasonality,

Q: How does the wildcard option work for free people allocation?

Allows optimal allocation of free occupants.

Q: Can I set surcharges for specific days of the week?

Yes, specify daily surcharges for dynamic pricing.

Q: Is there a function to override occupancy fees based for a specific date range?

Absolutely! With the Pricing Rule: Occupancy Surcharges, you can effortlessly define specific periods to automatically override the fees set up in this rule. This dynamic combination empowers you with a multitude of customization opportunities.

Learn more about this rule: Rate Groups - Occupancy Surcharges: FAQ.