Minimum Length of Stay: Setup

Learn how to implement a Minimum Length of Stay rule.

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Minimum Length of Stay: FAQ

Best and Preferred Site

Utilizing Campspot's length of stay rule will help you to maximize your revenue by focusing on the best 100 reservations.

Below you will learn how to combine booking window, occupancy, and length of stay to create a booking rule that will grow your bottom line.

Adding a MLOS Rule

1. Navigate to: Rules > Reservation

2. Click on Reservation minimum of __ days

3. Click the New Variation button to open a blank rule form

New Variation

4. Complete the form and click Save


Reservation minimum of __ days Rule Form

Variation Name

The variation name is used to identify the rule in the rules list after saving. This field is not customer facing. It may be helpful to make reference to what is being locked within the rule to easily identify the rule from other later. 

Active Dates

Required field. The activate dates represent the stay dates the rate change of the rule will affect. At least one date group is required. Click in the active dates field and choose an active date group from the list to add a date group. Learn more about Date Groups here.

Site Types / Add On Types

Required field. A site type or an add-on type must be selected but cannot include both within the same rule. Click in the site type or add-on type field and select an active type from the list to add to the rule.

Expiration Date

Required field. Reservations must be created by the end of the day indicated by the expiration date for the rule to apply. 

Q: How does the Expiration Date work with Active Dates?

If you have one or multiple rules to support your strategy, you would use the Expiration Date to define when the rule is no longer applicable. Maybe another rule picks up from there, or you want to accept any nights at that time. The Active Dates would let the system know what dates of arrival or departure the rule applies - the Expiration Date defines when the booking window has closed for that rule.

If you have a rule that you want to never expire, simple put the furthest booking date here to match the last date within the Active Date Group range.

Reservation minimum of ___ days

Required field. Define the number of days this rule will require for a reservation to qualify.

If check in is on [days of week]

Optional field. Define certain days of the week this rule should apply. For example, if I want a 3 night requirement on the weekends, I would select F & S. If a guest checks in on Friday or Saturday, they would have to stay at least 3 nights to book.

and occupancy is ____ to ____%

Required field. Define what occupancy levels the rule should apply. For example, if I only want to require this rule until I have reached 80%, I would use 0 to 80%.

If occupancy limits are not required for the rule to activate, enter 0 to 100%.

and is booked ____ to ____ days before reservation.

Required field. Determine the number of days before the reservation (or arrival date) the rule should apply.

Bypass minimum rule for Best Fits

If clicked on (pill button will be green), this will allow Campspot to ignore the rule to fill in gaps if the reservation is a Best fit.  A best fit, is a reservation that perfectly fits between two, eliminating any gaps, also known as Best and Preferred Sites! Combining this feature with Grid Optimization will greatly impact your bottom line.

Find out more about Campspot's Best and Preferred Site functionality here.

Rule Violation Message

This allows for you to educate your staff on the rule you have set in place.

For more information about setting up this rule, check out this video:

Rules Creation: Reservation > Reservation Minimum of _ Days