Min/ Max Age Groups

Specifies the minimum and maximum number of occupants per site type. An active rule for each site type is required in order to make a reservation.

Adding a New Variation

A variation is a rule. Clicking the New Variation button opens a blank min/max age group rule form.

New Variation

Min/ Max Age Groups Rule Form

Variation Name

The rule name is used to identify the rule in the min/max age group rules list after saving. This field is not customer facing.

Activate Dates

The activate dates represent the stay dates for which the rule is active. At least one date group is required. Click in the active dates field and choose an active date group from the list to add a date group.

Site Types

The site type field specifies to which site type this rule applies. Click in the site type field and select an active type from the list to add to the rule.

All site types must be applied to min/max age group with active dates to be bookable.

Minimum Occupancy

A minimum occupancy is required. Age group(s) specifies the group to which the minimum occupancy value applies. The min. occupants value specifies the minimum number of occupants required to make a reservation. 

Maximum Occupancy

A maximum occupancy is required. Age group(s) specifies the group to which the maximum occupancy value applies. The max. occupants value specifies the maximum number of occupants allowed when making a reservation.

Add Rule Variation

A rule variation adds flexibility within the min/max age group requirements by increasing the possible combinations of min/max occupants across multiple age groups.